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For Sacmi social responsibility means global commitment, the research of the best solutions in the respect of economy, environmental safeguard and of social ethics, being all of these key factors for Sacmi in its daily business activity. Here are the key:

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Download the sustainability report

Since 2003 SACMI has published a Sustainability Report to give its cooperative values substance and remain true to the international drive towards sustainability. This report is part of that evolution towards transparent, structured information on sus- tainability, developed with and for cooperative members and stakeholders. This latest report provides a vital tool for illustrating how much was achieved during the year, with regard to sustainability; it does so by integrat- ing economic-financial and environmental- social information, using both qualitative and quantitative indicators. By applying a business logic founded on the ideal of increasingly sustainable develop- ment, the SACMI cooperative model uses management practices that are ever-more attentive to the environment; such practices aim to build prosperity for both today’s community and future generations.


The social audit

Sacmi published her SOCIAL Report every year since 2003 till 2013. In 2014 the company started publishing its SUSTAINABILITY report, a further step forward. Here below some remarks on the social report.

“To offer our members and the community at large opportunities for development and mutual assistance, in full respect of the principles and values of co-operative democracy”. This has been Sacmi’s mission ever since 1919. And these same fundamental values have been applied year after year, through the co-operative’s practical approach to environmental protection, the importance of work, support for the local community and new opportunities for developing countries.

Every year Sacmi is happy to record its actions in these areas in the Social Report, a document designed for total transparency in order to communicate and compare the achievements of the co-operative. Added Value (AV) is seen not only as a major financial indicator, but as a clear link between business reporting and social accountability. Despite the challenging international economic context, Added value has remained at an impressive level.

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