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The first small workshop opened in Via Manfredi using the old gymnasium of the Carducci school. One of the main principles agreed upon by the members of the Cooperative was to apply minimum salaries according to the union scale and to do some unpaid overtime. This also applied to the managing director who received the same wage as an unskilled worker although he worked in an administrative role. Moreover he was not a shareholder. The law at that time did not allow those who worked in administration to be part of the group of salaried shareholders. The first president of Sacmi was Luigi Santandrea and the first managing director Giulio Miceti. The local Cooperativa Macchine Agrarie offered Sacmi its first jobs, entrusting it with the repair of steam machines, threshing machines and other agricultural equipment. Meanwhile, other members of the company, who held the licence to operate steam boilers, offered their services during the wheat harvest. The work quickly developed, still within the field of repairs, to include kilns for local tile factories in Lugo, Forlì and Russi as well as for other customers. At the same time, hospitals in Imola and in the district entrusted the company with the repair and maintenance of their equipment. Obviously other workers were also taken on as helpers and apprentices integrating with the rest of the company. The Cooperative extended its work to include the repair of machines in the milling industry. In addition, Sacmi's mechanics collaborated with the Cooperativa Laterizi to construct an air gas scrubber. In 1924 the Cassa Mutua Malattie, a health insurance fund, was set up for the shareholders of the Cooperativa Meccanici. The fund guaranteed its cooperative shareholders that if they each made weekly payments of five Lit. they would receive a daily grant of fifteen Lit. for a period of ninety days a year in the event of their falling ill. This was an extremely important initiative because of its own intrinsic value, because it was an example of the spirit of cooperation and because there were so few other initiatives of its kind. After a few years of business the company realised that its premises in Via Manfredi were unsuitable and insufficient for their purposes. In 1925, with the decision of the Board of Directors approved at the General Meeting, the Cooperative transferred to new premises in Viale Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi 29-31 (which was to be named Viale Francesco Crispi in 1927).
Sacmi's headquarters in 1930

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