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On 2nd December 1919, nine mechanics and smiths arrived at the Alvisi notary’s in Imola to form the Società Anonima Cooperativa Meccanici Imola from which comes the acronym SACMI. The aim of the new company was to run one or more workshops for mechanical repairs, to take on public and private work under the best market conditions and to ensure that each workers salary would be directly proportional (as far as possible) to his performance.The first Board of Directors was made up of Luigi Santandrea, Filiberto Gamberini and Tiepolo Castaldi. The corporate charter provided for the election of a president although this was not done at the time of drawing up the charter. The regular auditors were Romeo Galli, Filippo Balducci and Agostino Bedeschi and the substitute auditors were Avanti Mancini and Gino Cerè. It was also stated that it was possible to become a shareholder in the Cooperative at eighteen years old. Each share had a nominal value of 50 Lit. The total share capital was worth 4500 Lit.
A group of young factory workers

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