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At the beginning of January 1949 the machines were started up in the brand-new company headquarters in Viale De Amicis. Turnover reached 62 million Lit. but the net profit was very small (just 31,850 Lit.). Share capital was 1,681,000 Lit. There were 32 shareholders and 52 employees so the staff of Sacmi had risen to 84. At this point it was possible to consider putting into action a plan to trade overseas which would enable the Cooperative to compete, though on a modest scale, with rival companies. The new headquarters were much more convenient and had a more practical layout. Thanks to this, plus the fact that new equipment was purchased, the company was able to build on and complete its research and development of presses for ceramic tiles. Soon they were able to apply the first mechanical systems to the presses which would eventually lead to full automation. In 1949 a crown caps manufacturer from Bologna came to one of Sacmi’s technicians to propose a plan to design and manufacture a semi-automatic multi-punch press which could make full use of the sheet metal currently available on the market. At that time high production presses only existed in the USA, where the crown cap had been invented. However, in America they used sheet metal of a different size and with a prohibitive cost which was not suitable for the Italian and European market. All the data collected led to the conclusion that the industry lacked a specialised high-production machine and the designs would therefore have to fulfil this requirement.
Third headquarters in Viale De Amicis

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