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In 1960 it is decided to look for premises in Milan to set up an overseas sales office and increase the number of our representatives abroad. New machines had been purchased, the plants had been improved and updated and export quota reached 43% of the total production. At the end of 1960, Sacmi designed and manufactured a new 220 ton press. It was presented at the Milan Trade Exhibition in April 1961. This machine allowed four 15 × 15 tiles to be pressed simultaneously. It had immediate technical and commercial and the company was to produce another two thousand of them - maintaining their high standards of efficiency and adapting and modifying them where necessary. In 1963, Business and, in particular, overseas trade was flourishing and in February of the same year the Cooperative buys a new land for the big headquarters in via Provinciale Selice. In May 1964 the Board of Directors began making plans to build the new headquarters and approved the design. The new offices will be completed towards the end of 1967. In the Same year (1963) Sacmi acquired a holding in A. Miglioli SpA with its plant in Sassuolo, becoming then Sacmi Sassuolo and actually Sacmi Molds & Dies. In 1965 the Cooperative set up Sacmi Impianti Socieà per Azioni. This new company had its office in Milan) and was an engineering and trading company manufacturing systems for ceramics production. The purpose of the company was to buy and sell all types of machines and systems as well as their disassembled parts and, in particular, those for the ceramics industry, to act as business agents and operate as importers and exporters. In 1973 it was equipped the research department and developed the ceramics, while in 1975-76 the first data processing center was set up within the company. From ’75 to ’80, the overseas expansion strategy in about 80 countries in the world is reconfirmed as a winning one and the balance sheets are remarkably good.
Sacmi's headquarters in 1960

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