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Sacmi’s expansion is going on both abroad setting up companies as Sacmi Deutschland, Sacmi Portuguesa, Sacmi Singapore, Sacmi Mexico and in Italy establishing Sacmi Forni in 1985 in Casalgrande for the production of ceramics kilns and fast driers and Inpak in 1986. Mr. Aldo Villa, leading figure in the industrial world and in particular in the ceramics one, died prematurely in 1987. In memory of Aldo Villa various study grants were created to be awarded to newly graduated engineers and deserving pupils at the state Institute for Ceramic Art G. Ballardini in Faenza. Società Ceramica Italiana (Italian Ceramics Society) instituted the Aldo Villa International Prize, awarded every two years to a person, Italian or foreign, entrepreneur, director, technician or researcher who has contributed to the development of the ceramics. On 20 November 1987 the Board of Directors appointed Alessandro Galletti as temporary Managing Director and he held this mandate from 1 January 1988 to 31 December 1989. On 1st January 1990 the position was handed to Giulio Cicognani. In 1989 Sacmi decided to set up the Research and Development Centre in the complex at the parent company headquarters. The centre, which supports all areas of activity of the Sacmi Group, is divided into different sections: physics and chemistry laboratories, the packaging technology lab, prototype testing departments and an entire ceramics production system created for testing and experimentation purposes. It was inaugurated by Antonio Ruberti, several times Minister at the Department of Scientific Research. In collaboration with an important American university, the Research and Development Centre set up some calculation software called CMS (Compression Molder Solver). Starting from the '90s onwards, these studies were to lead to the design, manufacture and marketing of an extremely innovative machine for moulding plastic items which, up until that time, had been obtained exclusively by means of injection moulding: the CCM is today a cause of much pride for Sacmi’s packaging division.
Research and Development Centre

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