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Growth, diversification, integration, research: these are the solid bases on which the Sacmi Group is founded and in which it finds strength and enthusiasm in order to successfully face new entrepreneurial challenges.

Sacmi invests a considerable amount of resources every year in research and development, which are strategic activities for the formation of a company culture and level of professionalism that are at the service of all Group companies as well as our customers around the world. The focus of this is the Research & Development Centre that, with its chemical-physical laboratories, technological laboratories and pilot systems, develops in-depth knowledge about specific raw materials, processes and technologies – making it possible to optimise their use in different applications - and carries out test and control activities on machines and prototypes together with all the Group companies, guiding customers through the development of certified and customised technological and plant engineering solutions.

From 2002 – the year of inauguration of the new Advanced Research Centre, which is focused on the development of process control systems, such as artificial vision systems and electronic olfactory systems - we move on to 2003, the year when Sacmi purchased Riedhammer, a Germany company with 90 years of history behind it. Riedhammer is specialised in the design and production of industrial furnaces for special ceramics, sanitary ceramics, crockery, refractories and carbon products. This acquisition has contributed significantly to maintaining the Riedhammer brand in a leadership position world-wide, while increasing business prospects for Sacmi Forni, whose offer range has been improved and expanded over the past years in the direction of reducing consumption with the development of the EKO line. The guiding theme for this activity also results from Research & Development and, therefore, from the production and design of increasingly advanced firing solutions, which guarantees the optimisation of energy consumption and respect for the environment.

Another pivotal year was 2009, when Sacmi grouped the companies Sacmi Filling, Sacmi Verona (ex Sacmi Labelling), Sacmi Imola, Sacmi Pakim and Sacmi Packaging into one Beverage division, positioning itself as a single partner for the design and production of complete systems, from raw materials to the bottle. This business has been centralised since 2015 also from a sales point of view in order to operate in a coherent and wide-spread manner in all international markets. A benefit of this operation - thanks to Group synergies and the dedicated activities of the R&D laboratory - includes Sacmi's ability to become a privileged partner for the most important national and global bottlers. Another important result is represented by the important quality certifications received from industry giants, which provides an additional guarantee to our customers, whom we accompany starting from the design and test phase, therefore for the entire service life of the machine and system.

Growth, diversification, investments in R&D maintained at significant levels also during the crisis of the international financial markets and regularly of several ten million Euro, also in 2014: therefore, by strengthening our commercial, production and after-sales support services all over the world, we can work as close as possible to the customer and our target markets. Finally the establishment - supporting the wide-spread commercial structure - of our own production facilities abroad (the latest was the Sanand plant in India, which was inaugurated at the beginning of 2015) with the precise objective of competing in the market and defending our leadership in traditional businesses, thereby maintaining the development of the structures and investments in Italy.

It is thanks to this strategy that Sacmi generates 88% of its revenues abroad, maintaining its technological and productive core in our country and in particular at the parent company in Imola. In addition, business diversification and proximity to our main customers and target markets all over the world have made it possible for Sacmi to reinforce its market share, both in traditional ceramic and packaging businesses as well as in new businesses of reference, which the company was able to enter and develop in a few years, reaching - and often exceeding - the production standards offered by the main competitors.

The electronic noses

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