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Archivio News - Corporate News

LIFE 4 Green Steel, Sacmi together with high-profile partners for “sustainable metallurgy”
Ambitious research project funded by the European LIFE programme. The goal? To reduce consumption and emissions in the high density powder metal (HDPM) processing sector  >>

Sacmi Innovation Lab, Industry 4.0 enabling technology
Work continues apace at the facility which, once at full capacity, will have a team of at least 30 people performing pure research into enabling technologies and new process control systems.  >>

TEAM Day 2018, a first-class window on the world of advanced ceramics
Special symposium to be held this coming 9th April at Paulaner am Nockerberg (Munich, Germany), on the eve of the international Ceramitec fair.  >>

The Sacmi recipe for bringing the 4.0 revolution to packaging and beverage
Vezio Bernardi, General Manager of the Closures&Containers Division, recently interviewed by a leading international magazine: “Our new services aim to ensure customers get the very most out of our machines.  >>

Imola Red Cross, patient transport now faster and safer thanks to Sacmi's donation
The special motorized stairway crawler donated by the Cooperative will make it easier for health workers to transport over 2,900 elderly people with motor difficulties/disabilities currently living in Imola in homes without lifts.  >>

Sacmi Careers, the new job opportunities website, is now on-line
University dissertation projects, study grants, work experience and doctorates. Not to mention all the current vacancies, plus interviews with those who've already achieved success with Sacmi. Visit and build your future with Sacmi.  >>

Sacmi, a growing number of employees and new investment plans in the district
In 2017 the number of employees at the Group's ten companies in the Fiorano-Casalgrande area topped 700  >>

Sacmi Packaging, stronger end-of-line performance with Robopac
A new cooperation agreement entrusts international firm Robopac with Sacmi Packaging's end-of-line automation and logistics operations. Paolo Mongardi: “This strategic agreement strengthens the quality of our technological solutions and allows us to focus our attention and resources on core activities”  >>

Sacmi CBF wins the FBE Award in Shanghai
Versatility and weight reduction - which means greater competitiveness, quality and process repeatability - have made this technology a true winner. And with a complete solution just supplied to a major player on the local dairy market, the positive feedback keeps on coming.  >>

Christmas 2017, practical action to safeguard the dignity of the needy
A supporter of educational, health and charitable institutions both locally and worldwide for many years, this Christmas Sacmi is taking the opportunity to help the Imola Red Cross assist the disabled. Moreover, as of today, the company canteen is also participating in the non-profit "No Waste" campaign.  >>

New “Internet of Things” lab, the Region rewards Sacmi's proposal
The project has passed “phase one” of the regional call to tender to attract investment. The goal: to build an Industry 4.0 research hub capable of acting as a bridge between the regional education system and the local small-medium enterprise community.  >>

New SACMI PH8200 Imola series: the smart pressing era begins
Over 150 international customers attended the presentation of the new Sacmi press. Thanks to Ethernet Powerlink field bus automation, this first “digital native” model of the Imola series provides advanced integrated diagnostics and remote services.  >>

Sacmi, new organisational set-up for the Chocolate business unit
Shake-up lays the foundations for further development of the chocolate sector, already the hub of the Group's Food Division.  >>

Alessandro Paini is the new General Manager of the Sacmi Beverage Division
With extensive international experience in product development and global sales coordination, Mr. Paini takes over from Vezio Bernardi, who now goes on to head the Group's Closures & Containers Division  >>

SACMI – Consolidated financial statement at 1.4 billion euro, rising net worth
Positive results across all business sectors. The increasing specific weight of the Italian market “reflects a significant rise in investment within the industry” stated Paolo Mongardi, President of SACMI Imola, during the presentation of the Group's Consolidated Financial Statement at the Shareholders’ Meeting of 19th May  >>

Multilayer compression moulding, Sacmi revolutionises the coffee capsule industry
Group plays starring role at “The Packaging Conference 2017” with a report on the application of compression technology in coffee capsule manufacture.  >>

Sacmi Imola presses head for Mexico with Italiansped’s outsize shipping service
A specially leased ship, the BBC Germany, left the port of Ravenna on 14th January. Its destination: the Mexican port of Altamira  >>

Sacmi-Defranceschi, putting extra sparkle into Italian wine-making
Highly successful Open Day attracts over 150 industry operators. Starring role played by the newly arrived Sacmi Wine&Spirits Division.  >>

Sacmi Group, Claudio Marani is the new General Manager
Currently the general manager of the Ceramics Division - the Group’s core business in terms of volumes - Marani has over 35 years’ experience at Sacmi. His mandate: “to continue the policies of investment and continuous innovation that have taken the Sacmi Group to the peak of manufacturing success”  >>

Special Sacmi-Defranceschi Open Day on 16th November
Part of Sacmi’s new Wine&Spirits Division, the company is getting ready to introduce itself: new products, new horizons and strategies, a dedicated team and, above all, the ambition to become an all-round provider to the industry, from raw material processing to packaging  >>

Mario Rossi (Ceramica Catalano) receives the 15th International “Aldo Villa” Award
Official prize-giving held on 28th October at Sassuolo, at the head offices of Confindustria Ceramica. Recognition, then, for a leading protagonist of Made in Italy ceramic sanitaryware who turned the Viterbo-based company into one of the world’s most productive, modern, competitive and highly automated manufacturing hubs  >>

Sacmi Group chooses Verona as the strategic hub for the Heavy Clay Division
New Cosmec headquarters inaugurated in via Tommaso Alva Edison, which will bring together all the Sacmi Group’s operations in the Heavy Clay sector  >>

Sacmi 4.0 at Tecnargilla 2016 – The future is H.E.R.E.
Flexibility, great design, total quality control. All the latest Sacmi has to offer the tile, sanitaryware, tableware and heavy clay industries will be showcased at the international fair in Rimini.  >>

Sacmi takes over Defranceschi. And launches the idea of the “turnkey winery”
Long-standing international wine-making machine and plant manufacturing brand with production facilities in Mordano (BO, Italy) purchased by auction.  >>

With Sacmi-Gaiotto, Piacenza launches the Industry 4.0 challenge
Long-standing robotics and industrial automation brand inaugurates new headquarters. Afterwards, key protagonists exchanged info and viewpoints at the “Manufacturing in Italy in the 4.0 era” convention  >>

Gaiotto (Sacmi Group), a new plant in Piacenza at the heart of the mechatronics district
The launch is set for 29 June with a conference dedicated to “Industry 4.0”, the factory of the future which will change the way we work and create new values thanks to robotics and automation  >>

Light, efficient, “just in time”
A new warehouse management system for Samboro,  >>

Sacmi Group, another record result in 2015
Sales totalling 1.354 billion euro and greater than expected performance in all the main business areas.  >>

Gaiotto Automation has moved to a new address
The premises are located in Piacenza, Via Toscana 1  >>

Italiansped ships an 1800 ton cargo of SACMI presses to the Far East
A major shipment has left from the port of Ravenna. Handled together with the Chipolbrok company, it consists of no less than 23 presses and 16 feeder devices, all part of a single load stopping off in India, Vietnam and Korea  >>

Sacmi USA opens a new branch in Tennessee
A new Sacmi facility is now opening in the heart of the most important American ceramic-making district This latest facility will focus on after-sales services to strengthen the Group’s positioning in North America.  >>

Spain and Portugal: new firm Sacmi Beverage Iberica established
The new company, based in Granollers (Barcelona), will work alongside Sacmi Iberica and focus on the commercialisation of complete, fully integrated plant engineering solutions for the beverage industry  >>

Continua+, operators from all over the world visited Sacmi Imola on 30th September
Operators from over 30 countries representing the biggest Italian and international ceramic companies travelled to Imola to see the line running. Several of the products able to be manufactured were displayed specially for the occasion, from very large floor slabs developed with major colour manufacturers to ultra-large slabs up to 3200 mm long  >>

“High impact” innovation, workshop scheduled for November in Milan
Sacmi to be a partner in an international workshop organised by Lenovys on the principles of “impact innovation”, the all-round innovation strategy that has been pivotal to Group strategy since 2008  >>

Agreement between Sacmi Imola and Toyota Material Handling Italy
Signed on 17th June, this agreement concerns management of warehouses and logistical flow analysis according to ‘lean innovation’ principals.  >>

Sacmi – It’s time for a H.E.R.O.
Visitors arrive from four continents for the first 'Food & Beverage Plastic Day'  >>

Sacmi de Mexico celebrates 25 years of success
A point of reference for the entire Central American area for over a quarter of a century, the Monterrey-based company is organising a special event dedicated to customers and partners, to take place this coming 8th October.  >>

Finale Emilia, honorary citizenship for Sacmi Imola
Acknowledgement of vital post-earthquake donation for reconstruction of the ‘Frassoni’ school complex.  >>

Sacmi makes 2014 one of the best years
Sales of over 1.2 billion and a net worth of over 660 million euro.  >>

Turkey, 20 years of Sacmi-made success
Since 1985 Sacmi has played a pivotal role on a strategic market that hosts some of the world’s biggest tile and sanitary ware manufacturers.  >>

Sacmi sponsors the Italian metal powder academy
On 9-10 June Sacmi Imola will host a specialist technical-scientific training course on the subject of powder metallurgy, jointly organised with AIM (Italian Metallurgy Association)  >>

New energy for spa facilities in Emilia-Romagna
Convention on “Energy efficiency in the health spa, hotel and tourist industry” next 6th May at Castel San Pietro  >>

When Sacmi technology meets design
British publication Wallpaper Magazine has drawn up a list of the top 100 international designers. No less than six of them have worked with Sacmi via its working relations with Mutina  >>

“Smart” ultrasound at Imola Hospital – thanks to Sacmi.
Sacmi celebrates its 95th anniversary with a major donation to the local community. Three ultrasound scanners have been purchased, two of which are portable, for the geriatric, long-term care and nephrology wards.  >>

On 6th December Sacmi will open its doors to the public
Visits to the company's workshop and museum  >>

CONVENTION: Adriano Olivetti and the factory as a ‘community’
On the 95th anniversary of Sacmi’s founding comes a conference dedicated  >>

Sacmi Group: close partnership with Sace generates important new orders in the Middle East
Partnership with CDP-controlled insurance-financial group proves to be essential. Yet the international situation will require a further boost if competitiveness with the Germans is to be ensured.  >>

XIV International “Aldo Villa” Award goes to Franco Manfredini
The prize-giving ceremony for this prestigious Società Ceramica Italiana award will take place at Tecnargilla 2014. After joining a company as a simple employee, Manfredini made a name for himself on account of his passionate worldwide defence of Italian ceramic culture, using his managerial skills and forward-looking strategy to maximise the output and skills potential of the Reggio Emilia–Modena district.  >>

Heavy Clay machines: Sacmi and Cosmec join forces
60% of long-standing Vicenza-based company purchased. The goal: to reinforce our overseas presence  >>

Heavy Clay machines: Sacmi and Cosmec join forces
60% of long-standing Vicenza-based company purchased. The goal: to reinforce our overseas presence  >>

Sacmi and Graniti Fiandre go ahead with the CONTINUA+ challenge on big slabs

Sacmi celebrates three decades of success in the sanitaryware industry
Unrivalled experience in every single stage of production – from formulating bodies and glazes to casting, drying, glazing and firing – and unparalleled high pressure casting technology, ever-more popular thanks to its undisputed productivity and quality advantages  >>

Sacmi celebrates three decades of success in the sanitaryware industry
Unrivalled experience in every single stage of production – from formulating bodies and glazes to casting, drying, glazing and firing – and unparalleled high pressure casting technology, ever-more popular thanks to its undisputed productivity and quality advantages  >>

Sacmi invests in Africa
Two new companies to become operative by autumn 2014, one in Morocco, the other in South Africa,  >>

Objective India: a ‘new’ Sacmi Engineering is born
For some months now the entire Indian market has been able to count on a sole company and a new manufacturing hub  >>

Team’s success goes from strength to strength
Helping the Group develop and make new machines with advanced technology: Technical Ceramics… and much more besides!  >>

Stars-and-Stripes future for Negri Bossi and Bi-Power
The Sacmi Group officialises the sale of the Plastics Division to US giant Kingsbury, generating new manufacturing synergies and further employment opportunities  >>

Riedhammer celebrates its 90th anniversary
The history and ‘secrets’ behind the success of this German company, part of the Sacmi Group since 2003 and a world-leading designer and manufacturer of industrial kilns  >>

Convention: the future of tbe Bologna area manufacturing companies. Analysis by Cna, Unindustria, SACMI and Chamber of Commerce
The 2nd April meeting in Imola reports the project results for improving the organization of the mechanical sub-supplier manufacturing companies  >>

Sacmi Verona obtains UL certification and looks to North America
Certified electrical panels for industrial machines: new synergies for the entire Sacmi Group  >>

From Sacmi comes hope for the ill of Bukumbi
An important donation to the Amici Mondo Indiviso association will modernise the health facilities in one of Tanzania’s poorest and neediest areas  >>

International solidarity: destination Brazil
Sacmi Imola, Carpigiani and Mec3 – coordinated by CISL Imola – join forces to provide practical help for the Sao Bernardo community  >>

XIII International “Aldo Villa” Award
Giovanni Aliprandi acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest ceramic refractory material experts  >>

Great success for the Sacmi Group at Drinktec 2013!
The prestigious web site awards Sacmi’s booth first prize!  >>

Sama Maschinenbau invests over 1.2 million Euros
Improved logistics, energy and production plus a recently inaugurated new roof  >>

Sacmi a key promoter of design and prototyping skills
New Technical Training Institute to train ceramic article designers and prototype developers  >>

Hu Chunhua, one of China’s leading politicians, visits Sacmi
The Secretary of Guangdong’s Chinese Communist Party, a leading figure in the province, was welcomed at the company this morning  >>

2012: Sacmi sales volumes hold steady with future prospects fuelled by innovation
SACMI IMOLA presents its consolidated financial statement.  >>

45 Million Euros from the European Investment Bank for Sacmi Group research and development

Zong Qinghou visits Sacmi
President of Chinese beverage giant seeks out Made in Italy excellence  >>

No more food waste thanks to the SORT project
This initiative, financed by Miur, enjoys support from the town council of Imola, two universities of Emilia-Romagna and key regional players in the packaging industry, including Sacmi.  >>

Sacmi helps Finale Emilia rebuild its community
An important contribution to complete the new “Frassoni” school complex  >>

Formsleeve+ in the spotlight at the Sacmi Open Day
‘Made in Sacmi’ beverage technology and solutions: key event on 13th March in Imola  >>

Sacmi: where research meets enterprise
A convention with Bologna University gives rise the PackLab research facility  >>

Sacmi and Osterwalder announce industrial partnership
Cutting edge technology for powder metal presses  >>

Present and future challenges for the heavy clay supply chain
It is the title of the convention held in Sacmi on the occasion ofTecnargilla exhibition  >>

New headquarters for S.p.A.
This Sacmi Group company leads the world in digital decoration solutions  >>

Sacmi, the all-round partner for the ceramic industry
The Group will be attending the 2012 edition of Tecnargilla in Rimini with the very best of its tile, sanitaryware and heavy clay production range  >>

The Sacmi Group breaks through the 1.4 billion Euro barrier
Full steam ahead for ceramic, packaging, plastic and chocolate machines: business volumes up by 40% and 180 new employees, 90 of whom in Sacmi Imola alone  >>

Sacmi and SIPA collaborate in S.U.P.E.R. PET preform and closure project
Together for supplying a new solution featuring a special combination of preform neck finish and lightweighted caps  >>

ARPA Emilia Romagna chooses Sacmi’s “electronic nose”
Experimental project for the “objective” measurement of olfactory pollution gets under way  >>

Ceramic decoration: Sacmi and Tecnografica join forces
Agreement to lead to the development of innovative ceramic surface decoration projects  >>

IN.TE.SA. grows and invests in the future
Transfer to new facility in Spezzano to take place soon  >>

CM-OPM Open House 2012: the "Chocolate Planet" show

Sacmi Iberica receives Alfa de Oro award
Machine for digital decoration of large tiles wins prestigious acknowledgement  >>

SACMI and SACE: the partnership goes from strength to strength
General Manager Mr. Cassani to attend conference organised by export credit agency  >>

CM-OPM Open House
From February 29th to March 2nd 2012  >>

Sacmi Verona: objective China
Excellent attendance at the Open House organised in October at Sacmi Nanhai  >>

Vezio Bernardi heads Sacmi Beverage
At the helm since 1st November, Mr. Bernardi takes over from Pietro Cassani  >>

Prize-winning machines from Carle&Montanari
Sacmi takes the IPR prize offered by the Cassa di Risparmio di Imola Foundation  >>

Sacmi, the “digital manufacturing” champion
Results of Hi-Mech project presented at XX Aimeta conventions  >>

Sacmi Labelling: when innovation pays
The world’s leading labelling machines and steadily growing order books and market shares  >>

Vallicelli “returns” to Sacmi
A long-standing partnership with a Forlì-based company gives rise to Sacmi Carpmec  >>

“Technological innovation: the key to success”
Aldo Villa award: from Sacmi-developed innovation to “strategies for getting back to growth”  >>

Closures and Beverage, Sacmi looks East
Specialised assistance for all South-East Asia, thanks to Sacmi Thailand  >>

Sacmi founder-member of ITS-SMAI of Bologna
Two-year training courses for qualifications crucial to the future of “packaging valley”  >>

Sacmi hosts the 12th “Aldo Villa” award
Prestigious honour to be presented by the Italian Ceramic Company on September 19  >>

Sacmi and Oystar establish important new beverage partnership
Combining their relative know-how and skills, the two companies will work together to develop new synergies and solutions for the packaging industry.  >>

Sacmi: sales top one billion
Annual report 2010 shows that revenues, driven by exports to the ‘BRIC’ countries, are up 6%  >>

Beverage: Matteo Quaini new sales manager
Born in 1973, Mr, Quaini has already successfully managed sales at Sacmi Filling  >>

Keratech unveils its new automatic line for the production of ceramic rollers
Company focusing on innovation and technological stregthening of its structures  >>

SACMI opens its doors to the East!
Group Open House on a Beverage and Packaging theme for customers from former Soviet Union  >>

How to stay competitive on sanitaryware markets
Towards “total” automation: Sacmi presents the “Catalan case study” at La Sapienza, Rome  >>

IMA allies with SACMI: creating the first Italian hub for chocolate packaging
Two industrial giants of Emilia-Romagna have established a JV newco, “Carle&Montanari Holding”, in the chocolate sector. A hub worth 100 million Euros.  >>

An innovation network for the packaging world
Sacmi: a Liam laboratory partner with four other ‘big name’ regional manufacturers  >>

Intesa announces the agreement with Cuccolini
for an exclusive collaboration and acquisition of the Cuccolini brand  >>

Nuova Fima: re-employment plan completed successfully and ahead of schedule

Sacmi in the front line in the fight for health
Thanks to the traditional Christmas donation, a new hospital will be built in southern Ethiopia  >>

New Sacmi Iran facilities inaugurated today.
The spare parts distribution and technical assistance service has now been transferred to a more modern facility in the Tehran industrial district.  >>

Sacmi Verona is further strengthened, confirming the Sacmi Labelling brand leadership
Ermes Belicchi and John Pasqua join Sacmi Verona’s management team. By their side are working the historic managers of Sacmi Labelling: Maurizio Pedercini, Fabio De Stefani and Gianfranco Canteri  >>

Sacmi at the helm of Emilia-Romagna research
Aster assigns coordination role for labs and universities of the Hi-Tech Network  >>

Moreno Roncato nominated Managing Director of Carle & Montanari
The Sacmi Group, sole owner of Carle & Montanari, has given Moreno Roncato the task of seeing this historic Milan-based company through the challenges of the coming years.  >>

Technological innovation, certified quality, ties to the community
An assessment by Mauro Ferri, Sacmi’s quality and safety manager Sacmi, in an interview with Tüv Sud Journal  >>

Sacmi Beverage is born in Mexico
Sacmi strengthens its sales network  >>

Market down by 30 percent, but performance remains solid
Rationalisation and reorganisation to beat the crisis and prepare the ground for recovery  >>

Sacmi’s Board of Directors reappointed

Shanghai Expo gets under way
Sacmi supplies floor and wall tiling for the ‘city of Bologna’ stand  >>

Sacmi Labelling and NIV: together in Sacmi Verona
Combining skills for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness  >>

H.P.S. and the skills of two companies in one
With rationalisation of business come more effective, efficient services!  >>

Vezio Bernardi made Managing Director of Sacmi Filling
Giovanni Nervo to flank him in the role of plant engineering manager  >>

The Matrix story continues in Imola
Anzola-based company integrated into Sacmi’s parent company to boost development of MPH presses  >>

Nuova Fima: back in business as from today
A new industrial plan aims to make the firm operational immediately on both the production and after-sales assistance fronts.  >>

Kemac, the courage to look to the future.
With production already unified, now the company’s sales organisation passes under direct Sacmi control, giving a welcome boost to the brand that has always been the international reference point for third fire operations.  >>

The strength to “Think Big”
Sacmi coverings for Bologna’s booth at the Shanghai World Expo.  >>

A future for the children of Bintaro
Food and medical aid guaranteed for two years, thanks to Sacmi  >>

Sacmi and Sace, a partnership for the export of the instrumental mechanic
To the Imola based company an award for the achieved business volumes  >>

Changes and continuity within Sacmi’s top management
Pietro Cassani, already General Manager of Sacmi Imola, to head the Sacmi Group  >>

Optical scanning to help the disabled
Protesa-developed technology will now allow the disabled to experience works of art  >>

The Future of Negri Bossi
Ready for the recovery in the renewed Cologno plant  >>

IN.TE.S.A. is the latest member company of the Sacmi Group
Specialized provider of ceramic tile glazing and decoration solutions  >>

Michael P. Johnson wins the 2009 “Aldo Villa” award
Prize-giving to take place at beginning of October at Cersaie, Bologna  >>

Sacmi donates a new MRI unit to Imola’s local health authority
A special way of sharing its 90th anniversary with the town’s citizens  >>

From sacmi a solid offer for Nuova Fima
Last Friday’s takeover bid will save sixty jobs and create excellent industrial synergy opportunities  >>

Sacmi Group 2008 result in line with 2007
Indicators remain stable despite the world recession. The watchwords: keep on investing  >>

Sacmi Social Audit for the year 2008
The Imola-based cooperative continues to invest in the values of continuity, openness and comparability of data.  >>

Industry and education: a winning combination
Sacmi donates a casting plant to the “Midossi” institute of Civita Castellana (Vt, Italy)  >>

"E-learning for industry". Sacmi among the event organisers.
III National E-learning Convention held in Milan on 7th May 2009  >>

H.P.S. S.p.A. exceeds 95 per cent ownership of Negri Bossi capital
Delisting from Italian Stock Exchange soon to occur  >>

Technology and design: the key to success for Carle & Montanari
Resounding success at ProSweets Cologne. Particular acclaim for the new FV vertical cooler with its revolutionary design and the new HFI 518 five-roll refiner.  >>

Sacmi invests in the beverage sector
The company integrates filling, labelling and packaging into a single division, and plans investments in new factories  >>

La ricetta di Sacmi per cogliere la ripresa
Innovazione, energia, logica di rete, per il rilancio e la competitività del distretto di Sassuolo  >>

A new school for the children of Massaua
Another act of solidarity from Sacmi to make Christmas more meaningful  >>

Sacmi, “Think local, act global”
Spare parts and technical assistance: a global network of services ensuring we are always ready to meet customers’ needs  >>

Tecnargilla 2008
A positive outcome for the Sacmi Group  >>

Customers in the spotlight, even on the web
Sacmi proud to launch its new portal web site with revamped contents and graphics  >>

Benco Pack champion of innovative technology
Sacmi group company receives important recognition at Al ProPack 2008 in Peking  >>

The Sacmi Group acquires a majority share in Matrix srl
Developing synergies in the metallurgic powders field and exploring a new market.  >>

Sacmi presents the social audit 2008
An opportunity to reassert, through facts and figures, the cooperative’s values and mission  >>

Sacmi Group grows again in 2007
Despite a troubled economic situation, sales and overall margins keep growing  >>

Sacmi Imola reinforces its position in India
Stronger on the Asian market thanks to local production of machines for the ceramic and plastic industries  >>

Together in Byelorussia, for a better future
Thanks to financing from Sacmi, new buildings at the Dubaviza crèche will soon be inaugurated  >>

“Scheduled” press shipping thanks to Italiansped
Sacmi Group’s large-load transport/shipping specialist smoothes the way to Brazil  >>

China: the Group achieves yet another goal
Production now officially under way for a new company, Sacmi Changshu  >>

FBP kiln and Imola press on Compasso d’Oro short list
Champions of design: prize-giving set for end of June at the Venaria Reale palace (Turin)  >>

First “Sammeet” workshop generates high attendance
Event dedicated to fruit and vegetable production and relations with retail chains.  >>

Pietro Cassani appointed President of Acimac
Official election to take place on 13th June  >>

New set-up for the Sacmi Group’s Food Processing business
Sacmi cedes Gram Equipment, FBR Elpo and Raytec Vision to Catelli Holding  >>

Carle & Montanari now stronger on the global market
Packaging Division of this long-standing firm to move to the new plant in Imola.  >>

Mechanical subcontracting: reorganisers and innovators come out on top
Protesa presents a report on a strategic segment of the Imola economy  >>

Sacmi Nanhai, leader in after-sales assistance
A new reference point for the entire machine pool installed in China  >>

New boost for the Benco Pack brand
The Piacenza-based company now fully incorporated into Sacmi Imola  >>

Sacmi supports the people of Togo
Thanks to a donation from Sacmi Imola, a multi-purpose health centre will soon be built  >>

Kemac gets a boost from Sacmi Forni
Industry crisis overcome by future-oriented plans for the brand  >>

Sacmi Istanbul puts down roots in Bursa
New production facility to be inaugurated on 6th December  >>

Outstanding technology at the service of business
Protesa inaugurates new offices, making business ever-more customer oriented  >>

Sacmi - changes and continuity at the top
Eugenio Emiliani becomes Group General Manager, Pietro Cassani is new General Manager of Sacmi Imola  >>

Global prospects for the ceramic industry
International industry players attend the “Efficiency and globalisation” conference  >>

Sacmi Filling is moving to a new address
New plant now located at Ramoscello di Sorbolo in the province of Parma  >>

Sacmi Iran, leader in after-sales service
Located just outside Teheran to provide key services to Iranian ceramic producers  >>

Tenth edition of the International “Aldo Villa” Award
Organized by the Italian Ceramic Society, the award is in memory of Aldo Villa, who was General Manager at Sacmi for almost twenty years.  >>

Infracom Consulting founded
New Imola-based technological centre for advanced ICT business services  >>

Sinergia: making the greatest dreams come true
Company sponsors IdeaArgo: disabled sailors to participate in the America’s Cup  >>

SACMI Group combines competence in Advanced Ceramics
Team is the name of the newly born division  >>

Group sales break the 1 billion Euro barrier again in 2006
Net profits at 13.5 million and an export quota of 80.9%.  >>

Sacmi Nanhai: cutting the tape
Inauguration set for 1st June  >>

Sacmi Board of Directors reappointed
New member of the board, Massimo Cavalli, elected  >>

Sama cuts the ribbon at Weissenstadt
Inauguration attended by key figures from business, politics and Sacmi Group representatives  >>

Whiteware, precious help for the children of Byelorussia
Work to refurbish the Dubaviza school restrooms to start on 22nd April  >>

Project: Sacmi Pakim S.r.l.
A new Sacmi Group company  >>

Sacmi Forni, champions of functional performance and design
The double-channel roller kiln FBP will compete for the 21st “Compasso d’oro” (Golden Compass Award)  >>

Auditorium in the Capitulum of the San Domenico Museum to be named after Aldo Villa
Inauguration scheduled for Sunday 28th February at 5 p.m.  >>

New premises for Sacmi Impianti S.p.A
Starting from 1st January the sales and administrative offices are operative in Sassuolo  >>

New learning opportunities for the children of Sauce
Sacmi brings solidarity to Argentina by funding a literacy centre  >>

Acimac Quality Mark certification for Molds & Dies
Hallmark of excellence puts the seal on Sacmi’s success  >>

Ant Foundation, Inauguration of the Sacmi Aula Magna
Ceremony to be held on 11th November in Bologna  >>

Capital Increase for Negri Bossi
Go ahead for increase by Consob: the offer will start on November 13.  >>

Sacmi donates a new operating theatre to Imola hospital
Full cost of 280 thousand Euros financed by the cooperative  >>

The fascination of vintage cars in the factory
Riedhammer, a Germany company of the Sacmi Group, has reconverted its old premises  >>

Tecnargilla 2006: a resounding success for Sacmi
Marani: “With quality-oriented customers the future looks bright”  >>

New premises for Sacmi Polska
New facilities to boost both spare parts and after-sales services  >>

Sacmi finances Imola’s new technological centre
Degree courses in Economics and Business administration now available  >>

New headquarters for Protesa, the specialist in organisational and technological services
Meanwhile, this Group company just keeps growing: sales up by 37% in 2005.  >>

Sacmi Nanhai: foundation stone to be laid on Thursday
The Group will also be accompanying the Italian delegation to China over the coming days  >>

New offices for Sacmi Labelling
Move to Mozzecane in the province of Verona scheduled for late August  >>

Kemac, Sacmi Forni and Sacmi Automation form a single production district
Fiorano-based Kemac moved to Salvaterra di Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia)  >>

Social Audit 2005: continued growth in keeping with our mission
Sacmi approves a Code of Ethics to carry its cooperative values around the world  >>

Sacmi strengthens its presence in Mexico
New plant in San Luis Potosì and larger offices in Mexico City  >>

Annual Report 2005, sales touch 1.1 billion Euros
Net profit 21.3 million Euros, export share 86%. Net worth of Group also on the rise.  >>

Sacmi Do Brasil wins Mundo Ceramico’s supplier of the year award
Company wins magazine-attributed prize  >>

Sacmi among the first one hundred Italian ‘Excellences’
Imola-based cooperative chosen by Eurispes and Postel  >>

President of Sacmi receives ‘Consul for the Economy’ award
Domenico Olivieri awarded special prize by the Bologna Chamber of Commerce  >>

Two study grants for the Art Institute of Faenza
Two top students to get grants from Sacmi. General Manager wins a ceramic ‘Oscar’  >>

Sacmi Whiteware, new General Manager
Pietro Cassani now at the helm of the division  >>

Sacmi presents its NIR technology on the TV show ‘Piazza Grande’
Dario Beltrandi illustrates the potential of the ‘NIR case’ and ‘NIR gun’ on national TV (RAI 2)  >>

Sacmi gives Special Pressings a boost
New fields of application in the Group’s future. Refractory and cookware segments strengthened  >>

Black Tulip: big news for the sanitaryware industry at Tecnargilla
New one piece system to make its debut at Rimini.  >>

ICA, Sacmi hosts the first CEO Forum
International Cooperative Alliance forum held in Imola from 17th to 19th April  >>

Riedhammer new web site online!
An electronic window, renewed and complete, for the German company belonging to Sacmi Group  >>

Sacmi chooses Tecnargilla as the showcase for all the latest in ceramics
A 5000 m2 stand bursting with innovative technology for tile producers.  >>

A minibus for the transport of disabled and elderly persons
Donated to the A.M.I.C.I voluntary association of Imola by Sacmi  >>

A new plant for Laeis
Inauguration in Luxembourg on 17th March  >>

Sacmi supports the Ceramic museum
Cooperative becomes sleeping partner of this Faenza foundation  >>

Sacmi Forni: celebrating 20 years – with solidarity
One Euro donated to charity for every participant at the celebrations.  >>

Sacmi: new service area
A 75,000 sq. m production facility with offices and factory buildings at Casalgrande (Re)  >>

S.IN.E.R.G.I.A. - a new company for the Sacmi Group
Administration services to be centralised  >>

Sacmi Imola, sales soar past 620 million Euros
Initial statistics indicate a growth in business volumes of 6.5%. The ceramics division continues to grow, exports account for 86%  >>

Europe’s most important specialist publications visit Sacmi
The organisers of Ceramitec, the Munich-based ceramics fair, were also hosted at Sacmi’s main headquarters.  >>

Christmas solidarity: Sacmi for Paraguay
A donation for the purchase of medical equipment. Missionaries at Asuncion provide help for the needy.  >>

“Worldwide workers’ stories”
Sacmi Imola presents a book about its assembly technicians illustrating some unforgettable experiences of work and life.  >>

A meeting to mark 20 years of Sacmi Forni
30th November, 4.30 pm: a special meeting to illustrate all the latest on firing, productivity and environmental issues  >>

The Aldo Villa award goes to the Director of the Bologna Ceramic Centre
International recognition for Carlo Palmonari’s defence of ceramic product quality  >>

Sacmi Forni opens its doors to celebrate 20 years of success
A 20th anniversary party and new offices inaugurated. 12th November: an occasion to see the company close up.  >>

Gaiotto Open House: the beginning of a new painting robot era
Visit Sacmi on 10th November  >>

Gaiotto-Motoman: a winning partnership to complete the painting robot range
An agreement with Motoman to provide high quality solutions for the painting industry  >>

New factory building for Sama Maschinenbau
The Sacmi Group’s tableware machine producer sees sales soar to € 23 million  >>

Sacmi Call Center: response times improving - fast
Over 38% of problems solved within 24 hours. 1,238 contacts in the first six months of the year  >>

Sacmi Imola receives Acimac Quality Mark Certification
The Series 2000 and Power presses comply with the strict technical requisites  >>

Ucima, packing machine sales up by 3.1%
In 2004 exports up by 7.5%. Good sales performance in Europe and Africa  >>

Sacmi holds the plastics industry in its hand
The Group’s latest advertising campaign for the Plastics division focuses on Roboplast  >>

Raytec Vision, the leader in technology transfer
The company wins the prize for the best international agreement  >>

Protesa becomes the sole agent for Waldrich Coburg
Now operative throughout Italy  >>

Prototipo, the new advertising campaign
The Sacmi Group’s IT services company pleases the managers: “Competing successful through enhanced know-how”  >>

Sacmi Labelling: sales up by 14% in 2004
Despite a hesitant market and a strong Euro the division notches up yet another successful year  >>

Sacmi: summer work experience gets under way
From 20th June to the end of July eighteen 4th year secondary school students will get valuable work experience at the cooperative.  >>

Sacmi Service Division, total sales reaching 50.3 million
Protesa, Italiansped &Prototipo at the top in the production process services, logistics and information technology  >>

Researchers from overseas to study the Sacmi cooperative system
North American fact-finding team targets Imola to discover the secrets behind Sacmi’s success  >>

Over 490.000 visits to the Sacmi website in 2005
The “press” room and the news are the most viewed  >>

Annual Report 2004: total sales break the 1 billion Euro barrier
Net profits at Euro 28.8 million, 300 extra staff , and export quotas up from 80 to 86%  >>

Innovation makes a name for itself
A new Sacmi advertising campaign, “A new era of ceramics”, gets under way  >>

Sacmi joins the Banca Etica
Solidarity and participation: values shared by this banking institute and the Imola-based cooperative  >>

Sacmi spare parts: internet purchases keep on rising
Use of E-services becoming more and more common, price info service booming  >>

Sacmi Impianti Argentina celebrates 25 years
Founded in Buenos Aires in 1980, this Sacmi Group company celebrates its first quarter century  >>

Sacmi to sponsor Material Chemistry and Ceramic Technology degree course
Cooperation between the Sacmi Group and the Faenza district of Bologna University continues  >>

Relocation of LAEIS GmbH
from Trier, Germany to Wecker, Luxembourg  >>

Emiliani: the key to tomorrow is quality
Sacmi Imola’s General Manager focuses on glazed porcelain tiles to beat the competition  >>

Sacmi builds its ceramic future on innovation and quality
The Group responds to the challenge of globalisation  >>

Riedhammer acquires open-type anode baking technology
This German company has now become the world’s only producer of both open and closed-type anode baking furnaces  >>

Negri Bossi, positive trend to continue into 2005
Total sales expected to rise by around 5% with improved Ebitda: data released at “2004 Star&TechStar Company Results”  >>

New area added to the Sacmi website
To find out how to get to Sacmi from anywhere in the world just click here  >>

December sees upswing in use of eServices
On-line spare parts ordering and requests for assistance continue to grow  >>

Tsunami, Sacmi contributes to the relief program
Employees donate an hour’s pay to victims of the tsunami disaster  >>

Sacmi sets up in the United Arab Emirates
New Group subsidiary now operative in Dubai  >>

Sacmi helps the National Haemodialysis Association
The Group donates a people-carrier to the Imola health authority to transport dialysis patients  >>

Employees? Young and on the increase
Better medical and pension coverage plus higher salaries for nearly 1000 Sacmi Imola workers.  >>

Here comes safety… by points
Twenty-two accident prevention training courses and a safety awareness campaign get under way…  >>

New Branch in the States
SACMI USA Beverage Technology  >>

Sacmi donates a new operating theatre to Imola
A new € 300,000 donation to the hospital in Imola  >>

Christmas solidarity: Sacmi finances a crèche in Togo
This year’s donation goes to a young children’s facility at Sada, a small farming village in the north-west African state of Togo.  >>

12/7/2004 now on line
An electronic window on the world of Sacmi filling systems  >>

Romano Prodi inaugurates MUST
The museum celebrating 85 years of Sacmi technology is now open  >>

Romano Prodi to inaugurate the Museum of Sacmi Technology
On 4th December the former President of the European Commission will open the Museum of Sacmi Technology.  >>

Open to Sacmi: from intranet to enterprise portal
Thanks to this joint Sacmi-IBM project, associated Group companies will soon have access to all shared information.  >>

Inpak Imola: from now on, call it Sacmi Packaging
The Imola-based specialist in wrapping, packaging and palletization gets a new name.  >>

Pierferdinando Casini, President of the Italian House of Commons, visits Sacmi
Visit to the Group research labs and a public meeting to celebrate the cooperative’s 85th anniversary  >>

A new branch for France
Sacmi West Europe serves the French, German, Switzerland and Benelux market  >>

Sacmi’s employees say no to cigarettes with acupuncture
Thirty-seven percent of smokers take up the company’s offer of free anti-smoking therapy.  >>

Sacmi helps raise € 18,000 for the fight against leukaemia
Over three hundred attend the “Art and Solidarity” gala evening to raise money for Admo.  >>

Sacmi Social Audit 2003: a multinational of values
Sacmi presents a document illustrating, in figures, the economic and social role of the Cooperative.  >>

10/19/2004 now on line!
This latest website offers detailed info on Sacmi’s labelling-dedicated business area.  >>

Sacmi social audit, conference on 4th November
The first-ever Sacmi Social Audit provides a wealth of facts and figures on the cooperative’s commitment to the local community.  >>

Information on-line? Yes, please
More and more requests for information are now reaching the Group via its website  >>

Sacmi finances the fight against leukaemia
On 6th November an evening of “Art and Solidarity” at the Molino Rosso hotel to support “Admo”.  >>

Claudio Marani joins the Acimac board
Sacmi’s Ceramics & Tiles Deputy Manager to cover a key position in this Confindustria association  >>

Ceramics&Tiles, year closes with positive results
Claudio Marani, the vice director of the division comments the prospective for the ceramic industry  >>

New website launched
An electronic window on the cookware manufacturing world  >>

Spare parts on-line: transactions up by 23%
Sharp increase in use of e-services during July and August  >>

Sacmi "Cookware" makes its debut at Bimu
Visit us at the fair from 1st to 6th October – Hall 11 Stand H17 -  >>

Sacmi’s call center proves popular with customers
Just six months after its launch, the call center has already been used by over 150 customers  >>

Riedhammer joins the Sacmi Group
Press Release  >>

Cicognani elected Vicepresident of UCIMA
The General Manager of the Sacmi Group is elected Vice-president of UCIMA  >>

Sacmi USA, inauguration of new production plant
The newly expanded Iowa production plant will also house a Sacmi Group machine showroom  >>

Almost 130,000 visitors to the Sacmi website in just 14 months
Home page, Ceramic&Tiles and News score the greatest number of hits.  >>

Sacmi releases a buoyant 2003 annual report
Total sales reach € 862 million (+4%.). Board of Directors re-confirmed for the next three years.  >>

On line sales and assistance continues to expand
More and more customers are using e-services and e-support for their B2B needs  >>

The new Auditorium in the San Domenico museum is named after Aldo Villa
Sacmi’s Managing Director until 1987 is commemorated  >>

Sacmi donates € 300,000 to Casa Guglielmi
This contribution will be used to extend the accommodation centre for families visiting patients at the Montecatone hospital.  >>

Sacmi Filling’s new Parma plant now operative
3,000 m2 of factory floor and 550 m2 of office space, 55 workers.  >>

Sacmi Moscow becomes a true Moscow-based Sacmi branch
The new company name is "OOO Sacmi Mosca LTD”  >>

Work on the new “Sacmi Expo” gets under way
New plant showroom to exhibit the machines that made corporate history  >>

Sacmi Russia goes on-line in Cyrillic
Sacmi becomes the only Italian ceramics company with a website available in Russian  >>

Sacmi supports the “Eat together” project
This three-year project, aimed at educating youngsters towards healthy eating and the appreciation of good food,  >>

Work on the new ANT centre gets under way
Sacmi - one of the biggest donators to ANT (National Cancer Association) – will be contributing to its new Bologna-based centre, which should be completed by the end of 2005.  >>

Beverage: the future is PET.
A Business Unit dedicated to PET pre-forms.  >>

Sama joins Europe’s magnificent 500
A key member of the Sacmi Group, this German company is now officially one of the fastest-growing and best job-creating companies in Europe.  >>

Italiansped Milano: over 600 presses shipped worldwide in just one year
The Milan branch of the Sacmi Group’s international shipping company is one year old this March.  >>

Change of ownership of Laeis Bucher Technology
Bucher Industries and Sacmi Cooperativa Meccanici Imola a.r.l., Italy, have signed an agreement to sell  >>

The Sacmi Group’s General Manager, Giulio Cicognani, receives the special Career Award 2003
Sassuolo, 12th February 2004  >>

News Area soon to appear on Sacmi home page
All the latest from the world of Sacmi in a new drop-down menu...  >>

Emilia-Romagna: tiles set to bounce back in 2004
According to statements made this morning by the President of Confindustria Emilia-Romagna....  >>

Over 17 thousand training hours for 617 participants
In 2003 the parent company invested over € 320,000 in personnel training programs, organising some 350 courses for the Sacmi Imola workforce  >>

Business over the internet for Sacmi and Keramica Horni Briza
The Czech ceramic and tile company purchases  >>

Finding work at Sacmi is made easier thanks to the web
2000 personal résumés have already been received via the “job opportunities” section of the Sacmi website...  >>

Sacmi’s on-line services praised in “Imballaggio”
The December issue of Italy’s most important packaging magazine dedicates...  >>

Sacmi joins the Emilia-Romagna “Hi Mech” development district
The Sacmi cooperative joins the 130 industrial groups that are already members of this mechanical research and development network.  >>

Tecnargilla: the first two-yearly event to be held in Rimini from 1st to 5th October 2004
This next edition of the world’s biggest ceramic technology trade fair promises to be full of pleasant surprises  >>

A new “Social Activities” section for the Sacmi Group website
Environment, health, safety and culture: the key elements of Sacmi’s social policies, now illustrated in the “Events” section of the website.  >>

Sacmi supports the children of Kazakhstan
This donation, obtained from funds usually destined for Christmas hampers, will finance a multi-purpose assistance centre for young orphans and the disabled.  >>

Negri Bossi: reorganisation begins to produce results, losses greatly reduced


The kiln for firing sanitary ware XLNt chosen among the selected projects inside the ADI Design Index 2003  >>

SCM Costruzioni Meccaniche: a new company of SACMI Group
Labelling machines: medium-small machines are now available in our machinery range  >>

The International “Aldo Villa” Award
Bologna – CERSAIE - 30/09/2003  >>

Partnership between Gaiotto Automation and Kuka Roboter

ADI 20th Compasso D'oro Award
XLNt, the kiln for firing sanitary ware presented by Sacmi Forni at the Tecnargilla 2002 Fair, was shortlisted by a panel of experts of the Permanent Design Observatory for the 20th Compasso d'Oro Award organized by ADI–Association for Industrial Design.  >>

Kemac – Edil Tenit
New trade agreement  >>

Financial year ends with profits of € 47,000 and the inauguration of a futuristic new plant  >>

Nanostructured ceramic materials
The NANOS4 (nanostructured solid state gas sensors with superior performance) research project has been approved by the European Commission.  >>

Change of ownership of Laeis Bucher Technology GmbH
Press release  >>

New address  >>

New Business name of Sidam S.r.l.
Production of ice cream machinery and plants  >>

Sacmi Group: 2002 balance sheet approved, total sales now at € 829 million (+42% compared to 2001)
Since becoming the world leader in the ceramic plant and machinery field, SACMI has continued its plans for diversification in the plastics and food processing industries.  >>

Sacmi Portuguesa
New company name and address  >>

Sacmi Portuguesa
New company name and address  >>

Customer satisfaction by Sacmi
Sacmi’s Customer Satisfaction survey, carried out by a key market research body, has now been completed.  >>

Marketing Service for the Beverage & Packaging Business Unit

Certification counts
A healthy working environment with efficient production facilities and safety systems is an essential requisite for all businesses.  >>

Sacmi Whiteware purchases assets of Thuringia Netzsch
Press release  >>

Inauguration of Sacmi Do Brasil
A new building in Mogi Mirin  >>

Inauguration of Sacmi Do Brasil
A new building in Mogi Mirin  >>

SACMI donates 15,000 euros to train African environmental managers
The Group takes part in the WWF program with a donation to the African Conservation Education Trust.  >>

In 2002 SACMI donated over 1.3 million EUROS to health, social and cultural projects
Between 1998 and 2001, the Group channelled almost 3 million Euros into social and cultural programs. Emiliani: “Constant commitment to health and the environment”.  >>

Sacmi e Catelli buys Fbr Elpo
Press release  >>

PetPlanet Insider - Issue 1/2003
Interview with Mr. Dario Beltrandi, General Manager, Beverage & Packaging Division  >>

Sacmi e Catelli buys Fbr Elpo

SACMI Filling

SACMI and RIEDHAMMER join forces
Press Release  >>

SACMI and RIEDHAMMER join forces
Press Release  >>

Sacmi mechanics now health and safety certified
OHSAS18001  >>

Goito (Mantova)  >>

Carle & Montanari Group
Carle & Montanari is now part of the Sacmi Group  >>

Negri Bossi
Arletti is Chief Executive Officer of Negri Bossi  >>

“Sama Maschinenbau GmbH takes over the activities of the former Thuringia Netzsch”
Press release  >>

Negri Bossi

Carle & Montanari Group

A new Sacmi branch opens in Poland  >>

Sacmi e-Services
Sacmi uses the world wide web to improve its services even further  >>

Beverage & Packaging Division
The New Organization Chart  >>

Bayern s best 50 - 2002  >>

SACMI: one, two, three, go!
Poland, Vietnam, Russia: another three worldwide warehouses  >>

An advanced research facility for SACMI “noses”
Imola, where research means business  >>

Changes in Sacmi top management
Mr. Cicognani is now Managing Director of the holding company, Mr. EMILIANI is now General Manager of Sacmi Imola  >>

Anche la RAI scopre SACMI
Servizio dedicato a Sacmi - 11.06.01  >>

Sacmi - I.P.S.I.A. Professional Training
Sacmi takes a leading role in high school courses at Sassuolo  >>

Sacmi Automation
A new company is founded from within the Sacmi Group  >>

SACMI takes part in Imola s ethiopian mission
-  >>

ISO 140001 certification

Sacmi Impianti India
Spare Parts Warehouse in New Bombay  >>

K 2001, Duesseldorf, 25 ott. - 01 nov. 01
SACMI Stand 14B16  >>

Information memorandum on Holding Partecipazioni SACMI s acquisition offer for Negri Bossi

A debut in grand style in Munich for the Bev. & Pack Division
Five new products exhibited at Drinktec 01  >>

Sacmi Singapore
New offices for the Sacmi Subsidiary  >>

Sacmi triumphs at the A.I.R.C.

Packaging Spares Warehoue in Turkey
SACMI Istanbul spares warehouse is operative  >>

Molds & Dies - Indonesia
A new mold overhauling company joins the Sacmi Group  >>

Sacmi Packaging & Beverage: great innovations at Emballage in Paris

Sacmi: solidarity in action.



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