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‘Complex’ tableware: Saturnia chooses Sacmi

New plant dedicated to non-round asymmetric items already up and running

Saturnia, table porcelain”. It is with this bold slogan that Saturnia srl of Corchiano (Viterbo, Italy) presents itself to the public. So the decision to enhance production flexibility by adding a new plant specifically dedicated to the production of “complex” tableware, such as asymmetric or “non-round” products, was only natural.

The company, based in the very heart of Lazio’s ceramic district, chose to achieve these goals with Sama, the Sacmi Group company specialised in the design and construction of machines and complete plants for tableware. This new plant offer numerous advantages, starting with the presses, which have two fully independent heads that can simultaneously manage articles of different size and geometry while ensuring cutting-edge performance. That result has also been made possible by the hydraulics, again a dual, fully independent system, while the press structure, with its pre-tensioned columns, reduces deformation to negligible levels.

Another source of advantage is the press loading system, again consisting of parts able to operate separately, which manages machine filling quickly and, once again, independently of size. The system implemented by Sama also allows manufacturers to change article size quickly during production without having to shut down the machine and, in any case, to continue production with the other press head. Size changes can be implemented without the operator having to carry out any tasks as the machine has sensors that recognise article geometry (in practice the object is ‘scanned’ on the line to ascertain its exact geometry and then handled accordingly).

Featuring an OFM 8 universal de-burring machine, the system is also able to align articles perfectly and so ensure maximum efficiency of finishing operations, even where geometries are complex or edges are thinner than 8 mm. Note also that the output capacity of the OFM, able to handle up to 500 pieces an hour, plus 150-350 complex-geometry articles, gives a total pressing and finishing plant output capacity ranging from 300 to 1000 pieces an hour, while product sizes can be selected as desired up to a maximum diameter of 380 mm – for round articles and non – and a height of 110 mm.


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