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“Horno 11”: Roller kiln for tableware decoration

“Horno 11”: the latest kiln purchased by Sacmi Forni, the manufacturer of thermal machines of the Sacmi Group, is simply called this in the Loceria Colombiana plant.

“Horno 11”: the latest kiln purchased by Sacmi Forni, the manufacturer of thermal machines of the Sacmi Group, is simply called this in the Loceria Colombiana plant. Apart from being the eleventh kiln started up, the TRK 184/27,3 is the roller kiln for tableware decoration with the largest mouth (more than one metre 80 wide) realized by Sacmi Forni. The partnership between Sacmi and Loceria Colombiana is a collaboration between two “big” companies in the respective sectors. The Whiteware division of the Sacmi Group has won its bet: has become one of the protagonists of the world market of machines for sanitaryware and tableware. Loceria Colombiana, created in 1881, is not only one of the biggest and most important companies in Latin America, but is certainly the oldest. Loceria Colombiana, a company of the Corona Group, has a high production capacity not only in terms of volume, but also quality standards. In order to obtain them it uses state of the art technology. The choice of the Sacmi TRK comes from this entrepreneurial philosophy. The internal walls made of ceramic fibre above the rollers allow the kiln to be cooled and heated in a short time: an ideal solution in case of frequent cycle changes or weekly quenching of the kiln. All the pipes which let air into the firing chamber are made of stainless steel to avoid any possible product contamination. Indeed, just a black dot is sufficient to declass it. Special convective radiating type “channelled” burners positioned in the lower part of the kiln allow the product to be heated uniformly, above all due to the effect of irradiation. These burners have the advantages of electrical resistances (absence of turbulence and uniform transmission of the heat by irradiation) connected to the cheap cost of methane. The specific consumption of energy (referred to kg of product) of the TRK kiln is lower than that of other types of kiln (car, with sliding plates, intermittent). The management of loading/unloading the parts is simplified by the automatic drive line of the weight bearing plates which run in a single row. Thus, only one person is needed to load and unload the parts, sparing the operator continual movements to reach the product. The quality of the material coming out is equivalent or often better than that obtained with other types of kiln for porcelain decoration thanks to particular design solutions which guarantee uniformity of the heat treatment, optimisation of combustion, consistent circulation of flue gases for a good “scrubbing” of the product, intensity of rapid cooling with high O2 levels. In particular, the evenness of the temperature of the load is almost perfect because of the low height of the chamber inside the kiln, because of the absence of thermal inertia due to the mass of the car and thanks to the cold air blown above and below the load in the rapid cooling area. Sacmi does not even neglect the work environment, providing the kilns with quieter fans whose speed can be regulated according to the temperature to be obtained. Finally, the computerised management system of the machine and of the firing cycles provides a valid aid for those who work with the kiln. Thanks to the particular speed management system of the various roller drive gear motors (which are correlated to the heat curves), the TRK roller kiln allows “dynamic” change of the temperature/time firing curve without having to leave production gaps.

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