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“To provide the entire beverage production line with Sacmi control systems”.

This is the declared goal of the Sacmi Group’s Inspection and Control Systems division, which has developed and perfected Control Vision Systems (CVS) that give beverage producers unprecedented quality.
Sacmi vision systems, originally developed for the quality control of closures (bottle caps, lids and can-ends), consist of a set of computerised video cameras located at key points on the production line. Today, they can be applied to a wide variety of products. “The partnership with Sacmi Labelling, for example, has given rise to systems that can complete label inspection at both high and low speeds and check for the presence of the cap”, explains Fabrizio Demattè, business unit director. “Labelling, in fact, is the final operation in the production process, so perfect completion of all previous operations, on-bottle cap application included, is a must. CVS systems that check the level of liquid in the container will also be shortly available”.
Inspection and quality control is now being offered for PET pre-forms. At the InterPack fair in Dusseldorf, Sacmi presented the new PVS-1 machine, which executes full inspection of these items. The system guarantees 100% coverage of the bottom-wall-finish at rates of up to 4000 pre-forms/hr, both on-line and off-line, after the press or before the blower. Control is effected using up to 7 video cameras.
The Cvs Combi, instead, is a new product for a new application: an inspection system for twist-off lids, easy-peel lids and can-ends that can examine both the interior and exterior of these metal closures and highlight any imperfections or faults. And that’s not all: “The key feature of this system, designed and developed by Sacmi technicians and engineers, is ease of installation and use. The man-machine interface has been simplified as much as possible to minimise management and personnel costs. Moreover, the system is modular, allowing it to be moved from one machine to another”. Vision systems can also be configured to meet customers’ specific needs, whether practical or aesthetic. Interest in these new technologies is growing fast among customers in both Europe and the United States: “Thanks to new business lines we expect sales to increase by about 20-25% each year”, concludes Demattè, “especially in the beverage sector, although applications in other areas are certainly not excluded. We are particularly focussed on Asian countries and work in close collaboration with Group companies”.


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