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A debut in grand style in Munich for the Bev. & Pack Division

Five new products exhibited at Drinktec 01

A debut in grand style, in line with the ambitions of the parent company: the Beverage & Packaging division of Sacmi, a group already renowned as world leader in the production of ceramic and crown cap manufacturing plants, will be making its first moves on the international scene in Munich from 20th to 27th September during Drinktec, the world’s Number 1 beverage trade fair. One thousand square metres of stand will provide the perfect showcase for an innovative range of machines from this new market player. The division will, in fact, be participating in full strength, with all five of its component companies (Benco Pack, Inpak, Sacmi Labelling, Cortellazzi Fintec and Sacmi Imola) displaying the latest in hi-tech machinery. “In Munich”, announces Giuseppe Lesce, the Division Sales Manager, “we shall be exhibiting five new products, four of which are of completely new conception. For us, this is the ideal occasion on which to introduce ourselves to the market and we aim to make the most of this opportunity”. For some years now the Group has been following a strategy of diversification and presently aims to raise packaging division volumes to the levels enjoyed by the ceramic division. “Growth will come about through acquisitions and alliances”, explains Lesce, “in industries bordering those in which we already operate: caps, filling, packaging, end-of-line applications, quality control, labelling, palletising. The Sacmi Group intends to move forward with already-present industry players equipped with sound technology. This was the guideline that we followed, for example, with Cortellazzi, acquired one year ago: this small, flexible company, which, thanks to its inclusion in a large-scale group such as ours with its worldwide enterprise network, is now able to grasp all the opportunities offered by foreign markets”. Acquisitions, then, but alliances too. “What I have in mind, for example”, continues Lesce, “are outstanding plastic bottle producers who need a partner capable of providing filling, labelling and palletising solutions”. Sacmi’s decision to raise the packaging division to the level of the ceramic division is founded on the conviction that the industry is going through a significant phase of development. The diffusion of mono-dose food and beverage items for both individuals and families plus ever-more heterogeneous foodstuff demand exasperates, in fact, the need for diversification. Producers are under increasing pressure to produce, in addition to tried and tested products, others capable of satisfying the more fleeting demand generated by a desire for novelty and identification with an (often virtual) added value that successful products manage to evoke. Content must not be penalised but, rather, enhanced by packaging, creating, for that brief time in which the consumer scans myriad on-shelf offers, that flash of interest that tempts towards a purchase. Automatic packaging machine makers therefore not only have to design reliable m

Corporate News

Sacmi a partner in the European Z-Bre4K predictive diagnostics project
Funded as part of the Horizon 2020 programme, the project involves 17 European partners, all leaders in their respective industrial and academic fields  >>

Ceramitec, a highly successful Open Day for the Sama research centre
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Sacmi, sales above 1.4 billion euro
Third highly positive year in a row for the Cooperative. In Ceramics alone, the Italian market grew by 23%. President Paolo Mongardi stated: “The key ingredients of our future-oriented recipe are investment, service and governance 4.0”.  >>

Sacmi sanitaryware technology now available in Turkish
Book on Sacmi sanitaryware manufacturing technology now published in Turkish  >>


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