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ADM casting machine:

Multi-function single mould machine

ADM is actually a multi-function single mould equipment with a high level of load versatility and fast change-over operations. It therefore combines an excellent production capacity with the ability to use many different kinds of programs. The machine has two ellipsoid cross-beams, one fixed and one mobile and installed on guiderails, which are supported from below. This is the classic set-up for a high-pressure (up to 15 bar) single mould casting machine with total working clearance. It is able to clamp moulds with a force which can reach 240 tons (the maximum so far achieved in the industry) in the largest versions. This machine is available in 4 versions: with a 60, 120, 180 or 240 ton clamping force. With these machines we have successfully combined weight with fast operations, force and manageability as well as creating a compact machine even in the largest versions. The total working clearance of the cross-beam, excluding the central cylinder, means that, in the largest machine model, the moulds are provided with a space of 25.000 cm2. Depending on the size of both the workpieces and the machine it is possible to install either 1 large mould, 2 medium-sized ones or 4 small ones. This means that a vast range of sanitaryware items can be manufactured using the same machine: pedestals, washbasins, flushing cisterns, lids, shower trays, "console" and kitchen sinks. The fixed cross-beam is provided with a rotary device which serves, if necessary, to carry out demoulding in a horizontal or vertical position depending on the needs. Thanks to the rotation device mould change is possible in a horizontal position. This means that the mould can be changed over quickly and safely. In fact, the operation to install the mould is faster and more accurate. The moulds are suspended from above and rest on the work surface. They can be easily accessed thanks to a large and convenient space around them. The mould on one machine module can be changed over while the others continue to work. The maximum mould change-over time is from 30 to 45 minutes.

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