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Amin Tile: with Sacmi to play a pivotal role on the high-end market

All-inclusive order for an all-new Iranian company founded on the farsightedness of a group of entrepreneurs from the Yazd district. Cutting-edge plant engineering provides excellent automation and productivity to ensure competitiveness on the high-end tile market.

A reliable presence on the Iranian market for years now via its Sacmi Iran branch, Sacmi already has numerous top-flight references. Now, it has achieved yet another success in its growth and development plan for this strategic market by supplying all the plant engineering equipment for the brand new Amin Tile factory. Once running at full capacity, this plant will produce around 8 million square metres of top-class tiles a year.

Located amidst the hot sands of the desert of Yazd – the city at the centre of the country’s main ceramic hub – this new company stems from the farsightedness and know-how of a group of local entrepreneurs: their aim is to make it a place of excellence in terms of technology and performance and so compete on the international high-end market.
Just a few months after its start-up, the results are already excellent. The plant is equipped with four Sacmi PH 3200 presses with inter-column clearances of 2450 mm, the perfect solution for combining productivity, efficiency and reliability in the manufacture of top-tier ceramic products. The presses work in concert with 9-metre EVA 984 vertical driers and four glazing lines, each of which is independent so that product and format changeovers can be handled more smoothly and market needs can be responded to with the utmost flexibility.

Completing the order are the machines for the firing department: FMP single-channel wide-mouthed roller kilns (126 metres long) equipped with the latest-generation heat recovery system (XTR) ensure maximum product quality and uncompromising energy efficiency. Downstream from the kilns, high-performance, highly reliable loading and unloading machines feed – via automatic laser-guided vehicles (LGVs) – the storage and sorting lines supplied by Nuova Sima, the Sacmi Group company that designs and builds handling and end-of-line solutions. Four such solutions (Genusis and Synthesis) were supplied, each with 10 outlets, two of them specifically dedicated to handling the large sizes that are currently enjoying market popularity. These are preceded by the Advancheck system, which carries out dimensional inspection and followed by high-performance packaging machines and Extrapack palletizers.

Sacmi also supplied – via recently acquired firm Eurofilter new-concept suction systems to ensure the plant complies with the toughest environmental and emissions standards.

A comprehensive order, then, thanks to which Amin Tile is now ready to face the challenges of a market that is high-profile and ever-more dynamic following the recent end to international sanctions. It is a future, then, in which Sacmi will play a pivotal role thanks to decades of know-how, many years’ experience in the area, its punctual spare parts service and a unique ability to work alongside customers right from the design phase and throughout the working life of the machines and the plant.

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