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Antica Ceramica di Rubiera and Nuova Fima: going from strength to strength

Excellent debut for EkoSort, the innovative sorting solution by the Sacmi Group, with a second machine already on order for the Polish production facility

At the last edition of Tecnargilla, one of the machines that aroused the most attention at the Sacmi stand - and beyond – was undoubtedly the new sorter with the EkoSort carousel. This latest product from Nuova Fima, the Sacmi Group brand specialising in end-of-line solutions, became the focus of intense interest and also impressed on account of innumerable advantages: functional and constructive simplicity, strength, accessibility, silent running, minimal size changeover times etc.
Little more than a month after the end of the fair, the expected success has already been achieved: ordered at the start of October by Antica Ceramica di Rubiera, the EkoSort has already been assembled, started up and tested in the space of just a few days.
The Rubiera plant is undoubtedly one of the most highly efficient ceramic factories in the industry: high tonnage presses with Rapid Mould Changeover, a latest-generation kiln with a 2950 mm wide inlet, all offering practically unbeatable efficiency, productivity and, above all, usage coefficients. It is in this context, then, that the new EkoSort has been perfectly inserted, completing, together with the existing EkoRoll cardboard packaging unit, one of the most advanced, flexible lines ever installed by the Sacmi Group.
Given the success of this Nuova Fima solution, it seemed only natural for the Frascari family, the owners of Antica Ceramica di Rubiera, to choose Ekosort for the planned expansion (soon to be assembled) of its facilities in Poland (Ceramika Konskie): based on a wide-clearance press and the new EKO kiln, this latest line will allow direct production of porcelain tiles, even very thick, structured ones. A new challenge, then, awaits the Konskie Group (Stargres, Stardust, Ceramika Konskie and Ceramika Color) and Sacmi: but tenaciousness and determination will ensure even higher levels of efficiency and automation, with consequent benefits in terms of lower output costs and increased quality.

Business News

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