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Brau Beviale 2015, Sacmi technology for German lager

Visitors to the fair will be treated to previews of the new ELT and ECF fillers and the new range of ERF labellers

Following the completion of a major order for one of the world’s biggest in-glass beer bottlers, Sacmi will be arriving at Brau Beviale 2015, the most important international beer-making and bottling fair (Nuremberg, 10-12 November), fully ready to lead the way in this industry.

In the delicate, complex beer bottling industry Sacmi plays a leading role – just as it does in the beverage industry in general – with a broad range of filling and labelling solutions. These begin with the new range of roll-fed ERF modular labellers being showcased at the fair (stand 532, hall 7a, 144 m2), which represent the latest evolution of revolutionary roll-fed technology. Indeed, with over one thousand roll-fed wrap-around labelling machines installed worldwide, Sacmi is one of the world’s leading providers of efficient, flexible, high-performance solutions.

After years of constant improvements in terms of compactness, accessibility and ergonomics, the Sacmi labeller range has now evolved even further: visitors to Brau Beviale will, in fact, be treated to a preview of the ERF range of ergonomic roll-fed labellers. The latter stand out on account of a labelling unit that can be used on different platforms. Specifically designed for the high end of the market, this range will set the industry standard over the coming years, allowing an extraordinary leap forwards in terms of flexibility and, therefore, response-to-market times.

Moving on from labelling to filling, at the Nuremburg fair (expected to attract some 37,000 visitors) Sacmi will also be showcasing its new isobaric electronic fillers with dual evacuation valves, designed to fill beer cans/CSDs in general (ECF range) and the PET bottles (ELT range) that are becoming ever-more popular with the global beer bottling market.

Following the completion of the above-mentioned order (the supplied plant can handle up to 84,000 bottles an hour and has specifically been designed for “returnable glass bottle” systems), Sacmi’s new fillers offer significant plus-points for the brewing and bottling industry (according to the results of tests already completed in the field): these range from minimisation of filling waste (tests show one bottle reject in 10,000) to a TPO (total package oxygen) of just 30 parts per million, less than one third of the strict specifications demanded by the user.

A leader in the industry for over 70 years – the first press was developed way back in 1952 – Sacmi will also be showing visitors to Brau Beviale 2015 the latest developments in its crown cap-making range, especially the new PTC 600, a solution developed in 2014 that incorporates all the advantages of the previous range in terms of power and reliability while boosting performance and flexibility.

With 20% higher output, this machine, in fact, reaches speeds of up to 231 pressing cycles per minute, equal to 6,000 caps/minute; moreover, it does this while significantly reducing vibration (less stress on materials and vital machine parts), consumption and overall size and halving noise levels. Further advantages include the innovative, fully automated metal sheet loading system, controlled by dedicated servomotors, and a press that can be completed with both the CVS 3000 vision system – equipped with HD video cameras that ensure correct in-machine repositioning of the sheet picked from the magazine and, therefore, proper alignment of the decoration – and, downstream from the press, a full complement of gasket-making (PCM) and closure embossing (CCD) solutions.

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