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Financial year ends with profits of € 47,000 and the inauguration of a futuristic new plant

The leading fruit and vegetable enterprise in the Modena area, Campofrigo is a member of Apo Conerpo, the largest European producer association. Modena, 27th July 2003 – Sales of € 18.5 million, a net worth of € 3.8 million and pre-tax profits of € 47,000. These, then, are the key figures for the financial year 2002/2003 (closed 30th April last) for the Campofrigo cooperative, a member of Apo Conerpo, the European leader in fresh fruit and vegetables. At present Campofrigo has 433 members, 70 employees, a surface area of 1,520 hectares (1,250 invested in pear, 170 in apple and 100 in tomato), a 30,000,000 Kg storage capacity and a 41,000,000 Kg production capacity that breaks down as follows: 32,500,000 Kg of pears, 5,500,000 Kg of tomatoes, 2,000,000 Kg of apples, 1,000,000 Kg of peaches and plums. There are two plants: Campogalliano, which has an overall surface area of nearly 85,000 m2 and Rolo, with a surface area of approximately 30,000 m2. “Founded in 1961”, explains the President, Maurizio Guerzoni, “Campofrigo developed steadily following a series of expansions, the last of which began just a year ago. In the summer of 2002 the construction of a new, modern processing plant with a surface area of 3,000 m2 got under way. Inaugurated by Minister Carlo Giovanardi, the plant is expected to become operative this coming September. It features innovative fruit sorting lines that use NIR (Near Infra Red) technology, a system that precision-tests 100% of the fruit for sugar content (brix), acidity, ripeness and any brown core or water core; moreover, the system also measures the diameter and weight of each individual fruit. In addition to this revolutionary technology”, continues Guerzoni, “this new processing plant, built in compliance with international B.R.C. marketing standards, also includes modern machinery for automatic marking of the fruit and automatic palletization of the completed packs”. During his speech at the inauguration ceremony, Roberto Marcheselli of the Sacmi Packaging Division, highlighted that the NIR-F5 plant installed by Campofrigo is the first major example of a sorting and processing system where quality control is a perfectly integrated part of the plant, practically constituting its nerve centre. “This really is a forward-looking, extremely well integrated system”, says Marcheselli, “and supplies top-flight performance in terms of global quality control, product history info, and application of robotics at the final packaging stage”. “By 2005”, sums up Guerzoni, “we intend to be certifying 100% of member companies as per EUREP-GAP standards, the protocol drawn up by the Euro Retailer Produce Working Group to ensure that European consumers purchasing fruit and vegetable products from associated retail chains get the best deal possible”.

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