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Ceramica Alberdi, improving and growing with Sacmi Heavy Clay

Ceramica Rosario S.A. entrusts new restructuring project to Sacmi.

Ceramica Alberdi, a long-standing Argentine ceramic Group that has been doing business for over a century, has joined forces with an equally prestigious partner, namely the Later-Cer S.A. Group, to implement major restructuring of the production plant in Rosario, where, way back in 1899, this important company laid the foundations for the start of ceramic manufacturing.

This new corporate framework, called Ceramica Rosario S.A., recently entrusted Sacmi Heavy Clay, the SACMI IMOLA S.C. division dedicated to structural ceramics, with the task of restructuring the factory: the latter now produces a comprehensive range of construction bricks and blocks (18,000 tons/month) of a quality unrivalled in Argentina.
Key project features include, in addition to an increase in both output capacity and final product quality, a strong focus on energy saving, a key element on highly competitive markets like Argentina.

The work involved installation of a new cutting line for wide-outfeed machines. This line features all the systems and devices need to achieve improved product quality, such as widespread use of conveyor belts instead of rollers, on-the-move wire cutting and a cutting turret compensated to differentiate cutting speeds and empty return speeds.
Moreover, the continuous tunnel drier has undergone almost-total restructuring and now features a main heating chamber and a moist zone recycling circuit. Another key feature of the drier is internal ventilation; this features moving, high efficiency cones that keep the air flow accurately directed at the holes in the items to be dried. The advantage of such diffuser cones stems from the use of modern fluid dynamic analysis systems that ensure constant air speed throughout the height of the drier car. The cones are moved by continuous transmission systems.

The existing tunnel kiln has been given a complete overhaul and equipped with modern equipment such as: pre-heat recycle circuit, lateral high-speed “made in Sacmi” burners and a fast and slow cooling circuit with relative recovery of heat for use in the counter-pressure drier.
An automatic adjustment, control and supervision system for drier and kiln completes the project.

Once again, then, close collaboration between customer and Sacmi throughout each progressive stage of the project has ensured very fast achievement of established goals, making Ceramica Rosario more than ready to face the competitive challenges posed by the market.

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