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Christmas solidarity: Sacmi finances a crèche in Togo

This year’s donation goes to a young children’s facility at Sada, a small farming village in the north-west African state of Togo.

A facility with running water and electricity to accommodate and educate children in the village of Sada-Atakpama in central-southern Togo: this year Sacmi’s Christmas donation is directed at a small farming community in Africa which is home to a great many children of all ages and religions: Catholics, Muslims, protestants, Christians and animists. The Opera della Provvidenza crèche will replace the shed – which has no toilets, running water or electricity - currently used as a nursery school. This new facility, for children aged from 3 to 6, will be run by the Istituto delle Ancelle del Sacro Cuore di Gesù Agonizzante of Lugo di Ravenna. In addition to primary educational activities such as drawing, singing, games and recital, the crèche will also provide basic health services with frequent medical check-ups and prompt treatment so as to prevent and cure the illness and infection which is, sadly, so common.


Corporate News

LIFE 4 Green Steel, Sacmi together with high-profile partners for “sustainable metallurgy”
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Sacmi Innovation Lab, Industry 4.0 enabling technology
Work continues apace at the facility which, once at full capacity, will have a team of at least 30 people performing pure research into enabling technologies and new process control systems.  >>

TEAM Day 2018, a first-class window on the world of advanced ceramics
Special symposium to be held this coming 9th April at Paulaner am Nockerberg (Munich, Germany), on the eve of the international Ceramitec fair.  >>

The Sacmi recipe for bringing the 4.0 revolution to packaging and beverage
Vezio Bernardi, General Manager of the Closures&Containers Division, recently interviewed by a leading international magazine: “Our new services aim to ensure customers get the very most out of our machines.  >>


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