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Cooperativa Campofrigo: open day for mainstream retail chains and key customers from the fruit and vegetable industry

19th November: the Open Day at the new Campogalliano highlights Sacmi’s Nir technology

Following its launch three months ago, the futuristic Cooperativa Campofrigo fruit and vegetable processing plant, equipped with Sacmi machinery, will, on 19th November, be opening its doors to the main retail chains and its own customers. The plant, located at Campogalliano (Modena), has a surface area of 4000 m2 and is equipped with cutting-edge machines for the quality control of fresh fruit; it is capable of sorting and packing about 100,000 Kg of locally produced pears per day and shipping them to specialised outlets and mainstream retail chains both in Italy and other countries. The processing system, fully developed by Sacmi, includes four innovative fruit sorting lines based on Nir (Near infra red) technology. Using infrared rays, Nir allows producers to carry out non-destructive, high precision measurement of all the key parameters (sugar content, ripeness, acidity, diameter and weight plus any brown core or water core) that determine product quality on every single fruit. Furthermore, the use of sophisticated software means that the producer can keep track of the product from the field to the final package. This plant open day will give visitors the opportunity to see the plant in operation. All the big retail names (Coop-Conad-Esselunga) will be there, as will key operators from the Italian and foreign fruit and vegetable industry. Before the official ribbon-cutting there will also be an in-depth meeting on fruit and vegetable quality at which Dario Beltrandi, (Beverage&Packaging General Manager), Roberto Marcheselli (Nir Project Manager) and Enzo Pagliarani (Nir Project Sales Manager) shall be representing Sacmi.

Business News

Sacmi DECOCAP 360-3D and ULYSSE win over a can-making multinational
Brand new cap inspection systems developed by the Sacmi Automation & Inspection Systems Division tested successfully at a company’s Spanish plant. The world's first solution for total inspection of decorated twist-off caps.  >>

Sacmi supplies Catalan Ceramics with the largest press in Vietnam
A South-East Asian player that is already the leader on the local market recently purchased a complete glazed ceramic tile plant from Sacmi.  >>

Preform inspection systems, leading Spanish company goes for the guarantees provided by Sacmi PVS
After the PVS-2, installed and started up to the customer's enormous satisfaction, the company has now purchased the new Sacmi PVS-3 system, designed for high speed checking of preform lots.  >>

A breath of fresh air at Ge.Fe. Polymers thanks to Sacmi
Thanks to the “electronic nose” lent to Arpae Imola free of charge, objective readings of the unpleasant smells emitted by the plastic recycling plant have now been taken  >>


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