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Cutting-edge Sacmi technology for Iranian firm Mahan Ceram

Superior quality standards for this latest made-in-Sacmi plant

The result of a project designed to satisfy burgeoning demand for medium-large floor tiles, Mahan Ceram made its debut on the Iranian market back in October 2013 and, with an annual output capacity of nearly 6 million square metres, proved to be an immediate success.

Founded in the Maybod area following close collaboration between the Sacmi Group and a young, dynamic, management team, Mahan Ceram has a reliable first-rate plant with enormous potential: the facility successfully combines huge volumes with very low costs, but without compromising on quality, which, thanks to ultra-modern Sacmi technology, is among the highest on the Iranian market.

More specifically, the powder production department has a spray drier, with a capacity of 11,000 litres of evaporated water, plus 12 storage silos; from here the powder is fed to two PH2890 medium-size tile presses and a 3,000-ton PH3020 with an inter-column clearance of 2250 mm, the latter being used to make either the largest tiles or smaller ones at very high output rates. Combining presses of varying tonnage and clearance means excellent flexibility and smooth, integrated management of production runs and tile sizes, thanks also to a 9-metre vertical drier with very low energy consumption. Glazing operations were set up by Intesa, the Sacmi subsidiary specialising in decoration, digital and non: reliable, precise and high-performance, their machines combine outstanding performance with excellent efficiency. The firing department consists of two 107-metre long kilns with very wide intakes (2850 mm), ensuring excellent integration of lots and sizes; needless to say, the kilns have, as ever, been designed for excellent process flexibility. Sacmi kiln technology, in fact, ensures fast cycles and high quality thanks to patented burners that combine excellent combustion with exceptionally low fuel consumption. The plant also features storage and handling systems with reliable, high-capacity vehicles; lastly, Nuova Fima, the Sacmi end-of-line specialist, has supplied three sorting units, one of which is dedicated to large tiles, with latest-generation case packing machines that guarantee high speeds, unparalleled precision and superb quality throughout the material selection process.
Cutting-edge technology, then, that has resulted in a highly successful manufacturing debut for Mahan Ceram; just two months after start-up, in fact, the lines were already running at full capacity to keep up with mushrooming market demand for their products.

Once again, then, Sacmi confirms its role as a quality-oriented technological partner that lets manufacturers be competitive even on ever-more demanding markets such as the Iranian one, which is steadily sharpening its international competiveness in terms of design, quality and reliability.


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