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EVA784 and EVA984: the latest generation of driers

Maximum uniformity of temperature and maximum unfired tile strength

The range of tile vertical driers designed and built by Sacmi has just been extended by the arrival of the EVA784 and EVA984, the latest additions to the cutting-edge EVA series, already appreciated the world over on account of low energy consumption, versatility, user-friendliness and straightforward maintenance. Ideal for use with the very latest hydraulic presses which feature an inter-column clearance of 2450 mm (especially the all-new PH4900 and PH6200), the EVA784 and EVA984 minimise in-tile residual moisture content while maximising unfired bending strength and uniformity of temperature – all thanks to precision mechanics.

The key technical innovations on the EVA784 and EVA984 are as follows:

  • The main drying section consists of two independent zones featuring two powerful fans and two air-flow burners (in compliance with UNI EN 746), arranged symmetrically so as to balance hot air introduction along the through-drier tile route.
  • The lower section of the machine is characterised by a very important third zone: this is the stabilisation zone, first designed and developed by Sacmi. This features a further fan that directs a mix of hot and cold air over outgoing tiles so as to produce maximum bending strength and uniformity of temperature.
  • Special distribution gratings are fitted along the internal channels of the drier; these are specifically sized to ensure uniform flow of hot air parallel to the tiles on each level.
  • Specially designed basket support arms eliminate attrition on the drive chain guides; this allows a less powerful motor to be installed.
  • Inverter-controlled chain drive and a gearmotor with very little play ensure that basket handling and positioning are extremely precise.

The following optional units can be used to make the machine even more versatile according to specific production requirements:

  • Temperature monitoring of all tiles on the control unit display.
  • “Cooling” unit to bring tile temperatures below 65 °C.
  • “Pre-ventilation” unit for very slow drying in the first machine zone: very useful with delicate products.

Machine design complies fully with the ISO 9001 Quality System and is also highly attentive to all aspects concerning safety; the machine thus complies with the Machine Directive and carries the EC symbol of approval.


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