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FBP kiln and Imola press on Compasso d’Oro short list

Champions of design: prize-giving set for end of June at the Venaria Reale palace (Turin)

The Compasso d’Oro, one of Europe’s most sought-after industrial design awards, will be the key event of a year in which Turin is the world’s design capital. Promoted by ADI (Industrial Design Association), the Compasso d’Oro prize, established in 1954, is the most coveted planning, product and research prize in the contemporary design field. Sacmi will be attending the event with not just one, but two machines, both selected for entry on the “Adi Design Index”, that is, the list of products that qualify to run for the prize itself.

Both machines, designed by renowned engineer Isao Hosoe, are absolute gems: a FBP kiln by Sacmi Forni and a press from the new Imola series. The former is characterised by practicality and imaginative use of colour aesthetics: the different surface colourings, in fact, correspond to the different temperatures detected inside the kiln. There are also numerous technical features, such as the double firing channel, which allows different products to be fired simultaneously. The second machine, an innovative, PH 5000L produced by Sacmi Imola, is a ceramic press designed with both form and effective machine-operator communication in mind – something unique in the world of presses; this particular model features excellently designed piping and large fibreglass ‘wings’ to hide the more technical elements, accessible only when necessary.

The prize giving ceremony for this XXI edition of the Compasso d’Oro will be held at the end of June in the palace of Venaria Reale, near Turin, a building– now open to the public for the very first time – that has, since April, housed the ADI’s historical design collection, which consists of over 400 pieces. Twenty Compasso d’Oros are up for grabs, being awarded to products judged to be “of outstanding excellence”; winning products automatically qualify for addition to the collection. And even just being short-listed for the prize by gaining a place on the Adi Index is no small achievement, as it embodies the very best of Italian-made goods

The events surrounding the XXI edition of the prize form part of the wider calendar of “Turin 2008, world design capital”, a title without precedent instituted by the International Design Alliance and the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design on the premise that industrial design constitutes added product value, is a vehicle of innovation and, therefore, a strategic element in all areas of industry. An opinion that Sacmi shares in full: by passing the attentive examination of the ADI jury – consisting of critics, historians, designers and specialised journalists – Sacmi has clearly demonstrated its skill in combining machine performance and practicality with original, outstanding design.


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