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FFS, Benco Pack more automation for new range

Remarkable the advantages of the electric improvements applied to the Miniasepack/32/20 and to the complete range of machines

Miniasepack/32/20 is an aseptic horizontal packaging machine that thermoforms, fills and seals UHT milk cream miniportions of 10 ml.
Form-Fill-Seal technology means thermoforming the containers starting from a roll of multi-layer plastic film (PS/EVOH/PE or similar), filling them with the product, closing them by a thermo-sealed pealable lid supplied in rolls, and cutting them in the desired configuration (single cups or multipacks) in a unique process. The hourly output of the Miniasepack/32/20 model is 36.000 cups per hour, that can be distributed outside the cold-chain thanks to the aseptic packaging technology. Actually, the machine is equipped with a sterile equipment that prevents the product from being contaminated by the bacteria present in the ambient air during the packaging process. The machine is pre-sterilized and maintained in sterile conditions by steam and hydrogen peroxide sprays, the packaging materials are sterilized by hydrogen peroxide baths and the packaging process occurs inside a tunnel with overpressure of sterile air.

Davide Pancini, Chief Automation Engineer of the Benco Pack Division, explains the reasons for renewing the FFS automation technology and its advantages compared to the standard version: "first of all getting rid of the hydraulic circuits, an increased flexibility in setting the drive parameters and station movement profiles - resulting in a better control of the forming, filling and sealing parameters - noise reduction and improved working efficiency. Last, but not least, thanks to the the regenerative concept, the current from slowed down motors is returned to the system and resistors for braking energy conversion are no longer necessary. This is a relevant advantage in intermittent machines, whose functioning is characterized by sudden and contemporary accelerations and decelerations of big size motors.

The results obtained on the Miniasepack/32/20, both in terms of performance and of easiness of operation, have confirmed that Benco Pack has taken the right direction and are an incentive towards the implementation of servo-motors on all the other machine models.


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