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Filling: efficiency is the Solo Mas 14/60/15 COMBO

Sacmi’s latest machine offers highly innovative technology, silent running and flexibility

The new fully integrated Sacmi Filling Solo Mas 14/60/15 COMBO system presented at the Paris-held Emballage 2004 packaging fair is silent, flexible, user-friendly and also incredibly efficient.
Characterised by radical technological innovation and featuring output rates of up to 22,400 bph (with 1.5-litre PET bottles), this system is in a class of its own. Thanks to low maintenance, the possibility of lightening the bottle, reduced electricity and water consumption and fewer workers, it also cuts per-bottle production costs.
The Solo Mas 14/60/15 COMBO consists of:
- a blower, connected to the filler via a synchronisation system.
- a filler, designed to fill plastic bottles with non-fizzy products in an Ultra-Clean environment.
- a capper.
Because there is no rinser or air conveyors and the bottling line layout has been simplified, the unit is also nice and compact.
The probability of bottles being contaminated before filling is low to say the least. Alignment of blower and filler speeds, properly matched adjustment, the absence of rinser and air conveyors, plus positive transfer from pre-form to capped bottle gives greater quality and makes the whole bottling line more efficient.


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