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Flonal spa renews its trust in Sacmi’s PHP range

This leading manufacturer of innovative non-stick aluminium articles recently purchased a new PHP 5000 designed to draw deep, thick-walled articles, raising the total number of Sacmi solutions at its Fano plant to three.

Power, precision, flexibility: that’s what Sacmi’s cold forging solutions are all about. Just recently, a PHP 5000 – the flagship of the range – was purchased as part of a major investment plan by Flonal spa, a firm based in Fano, Italy, with over 25 years’ experience in non-stick aluminium products that has always had a strong focus on technological innovation and quality.

Now redesigned, the PHP 5000 is particularly suitable for manufacturing aluminium cookware with thick walls and depths of up to 190 mm. The increased vertical clearance of the mould, 1500 mm, improves distribution of pressing-induced strain and allows even deeper moulds to be used. With a pressing force of some 5000 tons, this machine also offers excellent flexibility thanks to a fast size changeover system and an ability to take both single-cavity moulds (to draw larger articles) and multi-cavity ones.

Design solutions that have become market-acclaimed winners – such as the preloaded structure that ensures greater rigidity and better geometric homogeneity – are now joined by further significant improvements: for example, the tank is now positioned directly on the machine body to optimise the hydraulic circuit and make the machine more compact. Moreover, the heart of the control circuit (the variable-delivery pump that feeds the pressure and flow multiplier, configured to automatically adapt delivery rates to the instantaneous pressure requested by the pressing cylinder and so reduce the energy needed to run the machine and cool the oil to an indispensable minimum) ensures outstandingly competitive energy performance.

For Flonal, this is the third aluminium article drawing solution to be provided by Sacmi: previously, two PHP 3590 presses – suitable for the manufacture of articles up to 130 mm deep - were installed (one in 2003 and the other in 2011). The PHP 5000, then, represents a further step forwards and provides all the acclaimed performance characteristics of the PHP 3590 – high tonnage, maximum plastic deformation of the of the aluminium and minimisation of energy requirements – while adding the ability to manufacture even deeper articles with very thick walls and/or install moulds to produce two articles at a time. Moreover, maximum quality and line efficiency is ensured by cutting-edge control software (supplied on all PHP machines) that provides, via dozens of on-machine sensors, real-time reports on press performance, a remote control capacity and the drawing up of statistical reports.

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