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Florim chooses the PH 10000 and looks to the future

Strategic investment choice for this leading international ceramic producer, confirming Sacmi’s role as a strategic industrial partner in the economic revival of the Sassuolo district

A strategic investment choice for the Group’s future and, at the same time, another important step in the economic recovery of the Sassuolo district and the continuous enhancement of its competitiveness on international markets. Florim is looking to the future and will be installing the first Sacmi PH 10000 press at the start of the year.
Presented at Tecnargilla, the machine is currently configured as the world’s most powerful press, perfect for the production of those ever-more in-demand large tiles that are an essential factor in increasing shares at the high end of the market. Belonging to the innovative Imola series, the PH 10000 stands out on account of its capacity to compact even the most “difficult” materials, thanks to an awesome specific pressure of up to 100,000 kN and the inter-column clearance of 2450 mm, which allows even the largest sizes to be handled with ease. The installed press will feed a Sacmi-built EVA 412; with a total height of 12 m, this configuration makes it the biggest vertical dryer in the world.
A strategic choice, then, with which Florim aims to strengthen its world leadership in the ceramic production field. “The enhancement of technology, production capacity and human skills”, observes Florim’s CEO, Claudio Lucchese, “is one of our key priorities. And increased competiveness”, notes Lucchese, “always becomes evident on the balance sheet”. Competitiveness and excellence, then, are goals that Sacmi and Florim share: they worked in close collaboration during the development phase to ensure efficient achievement of all the established goals. “For us it’s essential”, state Sacmi’s General Manager, Pietro Cassani, and Sales Manager for Italy, Giuseppe Miselli, “to realize personalised projects, progressing professionally and confidentially. Knowing how to manage complex projects together with the customer is, at this stage, essential when it comes to staying on top”.
For Sacmi, then, Florim’s choice represents, on one side, a success and, on the other, demonstrates the Group’s ever-more important role as the leading provider of machines and complete plants to the ceramic industry and as a strategic partner for the revival of the Sassuolo district. A success that, in this specific case, has also come about as a result of the numerous innovative design specifications that distinguish the PH 10000 from its “cousins” in the Imola series. Despite its height (6.5 metres) and weight (a good 250 tons) the machine is nevertheless easy to transport and install thanks to its fully modular structure. Once installed, the press stands out on account of its considerable reliability: this is also due to the presence of a pressure multiplier, which clearly delimits zones subject to high pressure, while control tasks are made easier – as with the other presses in the Imola series – by the innovative control system that allows real-time monitoring of all the main working parameters via a simple, intuitive graphic interface.
Designed by Sacmi to extend the upper end of the machine range and featuring an innovative, patented “dual structure”, the press also stands out on account of its excellent energy-saving performance. That performance is in keeping with the H.E.R.O (High Efficiency Resource Optimizer) project standards drawn up by the Group to combine increased machine production performance with greater energy efficiency via cutting-edge energy containment and recovery systems. One of the key aspects in this regard is the capacity of the press to operate in ‘single pressing’ mode during the shaping process, a feature that allow electricity savings of up to 9%. Moreover, analogously with the modern solutions developed for the automotive sector, the Sacmi PH 10000 Sacmi “shuts down” when there is a line stoppage, practically reducing its energy consumption to zero.

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