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H.P.S. S.p.A. exceeds 95 per cent ownership of Negri Bossi capital

Delisting from Italian Stock Exchange soon to occur

The voluntary takeover bid of 4,336,668 shares of Negri Bossi S.p.A. - 9.84% of the issuer’s capital - was concluded positively for the Sacmi Group’s Holding company (H.P.S. S.p.A.).

The sum of Negri Bossi shares that were the object of Sale Requests forwarded to H.P.S. S.p.A. (1,045,859 (2.37%) and the 39,728,382 already held by HPS (90.16%), plus 1,590,039 (3.60%) shares purchased on the market, now exceeds 95% of Negri Bossi’s capital stock.

Achievement of such percentages has thus allowed HPS to exercise the right to outright purchase. This will be done via a joint procedure agreed on with Consob and Borsa Italiana S.p.A. regarding remaining shares at a price of Euro 0.6015, thus allowing ownership of 100% of company shares to be achieved.

Therefore, on 11th May 2009 HPS shall pay the amount due for the Purchasing Obligation and on 15th May 2009 ownership of the shares shall effectively be transferred to HPS.

On the same date the Italian Stock Exchange shall withdraw Negri Bossi shares from quotation on the Mercato Telematico Azionario.

Press released attached – Italian language


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