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Heavy clay, tableware, advanced ceramics, metal powder: the full Sacmi range at Ceramitec 2015

Group to have two display areas at the international Munich fair (20-23 October). Special preview on 19th October with “Team Day 2015” to showcase the very best Sacmi know-how for technical ceramics.

The Sacmi Group will be playing a pivotal role at the Munich-held Ceramitec fair, Europe’s biggest international event for the heavy clay, special pressing and tableware industries, to be held from 20th to 23rd October.

Prior to the event, on 19th October, there will also be the special TEAM Day, the international technical symposium organised by Team Sacmi. Since 2007 the latter has brought together all the machine/process design and development skills of subsidiaries Laeis, Riedhammer, Sama, Alpha Ceramics, Gaiotto and Sacmi Imola relative to technical ceramics and other fields. A broad range of topics will be covered, from special ceramic powders to new technologies for managing and making advanced ceramics, giving us a TEAM Day that goes hand in hand with the Munich fair.

Following the symposium, the Sacmi Group will play a starring role at the fair itself with two display areas. In the first, dedicated to the heavy clay business (Hall B2 Stand 107/210), Sacmi will be exhibiting jointly with Cosmec, a specialist producer of automated brick handling solutions acquired by the Group in 2014; Cosmec has an extensive customer portfolio on all the main international markets where the Group does business (from Russia to North Africa and South America). More specifically, visitors will be able to take a look at the new range of EKO self-recovery burners (applied on kilns made by Sacmi Forni) that reduce consumption enormously during the firing stage.

One of the world’s biggest burner manufacturers – and just one of a handful of firms in the industry that produces such solutions directly – Sacmi will also be displaying, alongside the new burners, innovative rapid drying solutions (the heart of any brick manufacturing line) and cutting edge handling systems developed jointly with Cosmec. Moreover, smooth teamwork between Sacmi and Cosmec has also resulted in the development of a highly versatile, reliable multi-wire cutting machine (on show at the fair) capable of handling widths of up to 1,500 mm (without any need for central support of the cutting wires).

From heavy clay to tableware (Hall B1 Stand 101/302), the Munich-held Ceramitec fair will see the Sacmi Group at the forefront of industrial progress with a full range of comprehensive solutions developed by Sama: these span from the uniquely flexible F0714.50 for finishing various article types to the PCM 150 E/D, the pressure casting press that combines outstanding installed power (up to 150 tons) with user-friendliness and up to 70% savings on electricity consumption. Last but not least comes an integrated pressing-finishing solution, the LPP 1S-38-OFM, currently the most competitive machine on the market for flexible, efficient handling of all article types, even those of complex, irregular shape.

The 2015 edition of Ceramitec will focus sharply on energy savings and optimisation of production cycles; accordingly, it will feature solutions developed by Riedhammer, the Group company that leads the world in the manufacture of industrial kilns for special ceramics, sanitaryware, tableware and the coal industry. From the TWS range of tunnel kilns to the new indirectly-heated rotary kilns, all the solutions proposed by Riedhammer (which has over 90 years’ experience in the industry) hinge on the advanced EMS (Energy Management System); this system ensures maximum product quality is merged with minimum energy consumption. Moreover, thanks to the Sacmi Group’s global assistance and after-sales service network, the long-standing traditions and experience of Riedhammer include an ability to operate alongside customers on all the main international markets.

Laeis, instead, will be presenting the HPF 1000, the new ultra-high performance press specially designed to manufacture shaped refractories; the latter stands out from alternative market-available solutions on account of its excellent energy efficiency.

Lastly, there is Sacmi’s range of solutions for the Metal Powder industry, an area strategic to future Group development that will see – six years on from entry onto this market and the manufacture of the first press – the presentation of the all-new MPH 2002. The latter is the outstanding outcome of intensive efforts made by Sacmi to reduce energy consumption even further (from 15 to 40% depending on output) and boost output rates by up to 50% without any efficiency loss. Another key factor on the MPH 2002 is the cutting-edge assisted programming interface which allows for easy machine setup and real-time control/monitoring (even at the graphic simulation phase) of the pressing process.

Sacmi, then, has decided to play a pivotal role at the Munich fair and showcase the results of six years of heavy investment in innovative energy-saving technological solutions, optimisation of production cycles and greater intra-Group synergy.

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