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Here comes safety… by points

Twenty-two accident prevention training courses and a safety awareness campaign get under way…

“Failure to use gloves, lose five points” or “Failure to wear protective goggles, lose 1 point”. Mimicking the signs seen on Italian motorways that warn drivers against the bad habits that can lose them points off their licenses, a new information campaign has been launched by Sacmi Imola to warn workers against the risks of failing to use the personal protection devices required by law. Intended to reinforce safety-conscious routines and enhance accident prevention, the initiative includes both the distribution of a brochure and an intense training programme.
To raise awareness of the importance of personal protection devices Sacmi has decided to put all workers at heightened risk of injury (especially hands and eyes) through repeat courses. The 2004 accident prevention training programme includes 22 courses covering a range of subjects: health and safety in the workplace, emergency management, load handling, use of defibrillators, internal and external test procedures, preparation and maintenance of materials. About 70 employees will be attending these courses: they include newly hired staff, people who have changed jobs within the company, emergency and first aid personnel and general factory personnel.
Over the last few years Sacmi Imola has invested heavily in safety: €186,000 in ’99, €70,000 in 2000, over €100,000 in 2001, just under €65,000 in 2002 and a further €188,000 in 2003. The new information campaign and training programme are just the latest in a long line of initiatives designed to safeguard employee health.
In 2000, in recognition of its long-standing policy (since 1971) of regular employee health checks, also extended to retired workers, Sacmi Imola won the “AIRC Active Company 2000” prize, awarded by the President of the Italian Republic. In the same year the Group also introduced a medical expenses insurance policy for its employees. Last but not least, in 2003 Sacmi Imola became the first Italian mechanical engineering firm to obtain OHSAS 18001 health and safety system certification thanks to policies that have reduced the number of workplace injuries by 80% and their seriousness rating by 15%. The certification process involved one thousand employees and every department in the company.


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