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Italiansped ships an 1800 ton cargo of SACMI presses to the Far East

A major shipment has left from the port of Ravenna. Handled together with the Chipolbrok company, it consists of no less than 23 presses and 16 feeder devices, all part of a single load stopping off in India, Vietnam and Korea

Final destination, the port of Pusan, Korea, where the Chipolbrok Pacific ship will, on 3rd June, offload the last of a total of 23 Sacmi pressing machines, plus 16 filler boxes, which, thanks to the advanced international freight services provided by Italiansped, left the port of Ravenna on 15th April as part of a single cargo shipment.

This major shipment is the result of a long-standing partnership between Italiansped – the Sacmi Group company that has over four decades’ experience in organising international freight, from manufacturer to final installation site – and the Chipolbrok shipping company. This operation, which will see over 7 million euro worth of goods weighing 1800 tons transported to the Far East, saw Italiansped make full use of the logistical and economic advantages of the nearby port of Ravenna (the company usually docks at Porto Marghera) and so organise a very special cargo that includes all collection, logistics and delivery services.

More specifically, the 23 Sacmi presses (which include different models, from PH2890 to PH3000 and 3590, up to PH5000) will be supplied to some primary Far Eastern customers: the first port of call will be in Mumbai, India. Then Haiphong, Vietnam and lastly comes Korea, the shipment’s final destination.

It is important to highlight – and this is an aspect that adds considerable value to the project – the outstanding cost optimisation that stems from having a single embarkation port near the point of machine manufacture (thus avoiding the need to apply for permits and arrange costly oversize transport across several regions of Italy). Equally important are the advanced features on this special ship: enormous cranes allow the presses to be unloaded directly onto barges provided by the customer without any need for additional machines. This then, in general, allows operations to be carried out even in ports of limited draught with little unloading equipment.

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