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Keramin Minsk starts up a new double firing line with SACMI

This order raises the total number of lines currently installed by this leading Belarusian firm to eight. Keramin Minsk focuses on large formats by taking advantage of the very best SACMI technology, from press to sorting line.

Leading Belarusian tile manufacturer Keramin Minsk is looking to the large tile market and has once again placed its confidence in SACMI to supply and install a new, complete wall and floor ceramic tile line. This latest addition brings the total number of SACMI lines installed at the Minsk manufacturing hub - one of Central-Eastern Europe's biggest and most important - to eight.

One of just a handful of large tile double firing plants in existence, this new line consists of two SACMI PH3020 presses, downstream from which lie a dryer and two SACMI FMS single-layer roller kilns. Completing the order is a SACMI sorting line, which automates all the stages downstream from actual production.

Thanks to the professionalism and experience of the customer firm's team, which worked alongside SACMI technicians throughout the assembly process, the line was installed and started up in record time. This latest order, then, reinforces the long-standing partnership between the SACMI Group and this Belarusian firm which, ever since the 1990s, has focused on the future by using the very best European ceramic technology.


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