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Key global players in the industry choose Sacmi FFS technology for beverage pod segment in Brazil

High productivity, automation and a guaranteed aseptic filling process: Sacmi form-fill-seal technology covers another segment in a market and industry that is strategic to the future of beverage

Over 80 aseptic machines supplied worldwide, with characteristics – from ultra-high productivity to an innovative sterilisation system – that make them the most appealing drink and dairy product packaging solution. This, in short, is Sacmi’s aseptic FFS (form-fill-seal) technology, now chosen by an industry giant (the result of a joint venture between a major American bottler and an international vending machine provider) to produce, fill and package its range of drink pods. This ‘pod’ market has aroused great interest in recent years following a change in consumer habits and the market entry of major international players in the sector.

The supplied solution – a 30-cavity Miniasepack – has an hourly output rate in the order of 50,400 pieces (from 15 to 50 ml, in PS-EVOH-PE, thickness between 0.8 and 1.2 mm, protected with ALU-PET film).
In just one single process the machine carries out thermoforming of the pod, aseptic filling and pack closure. Rational and streamlined, the production process stands out on account of automation, very high speeds and absolutely guaranteed product integrity (in this case, UHT-sterilised beverage concentrates).

This solution offers numerous advantages of great appeal to customers, such as the special sterilisation system incorporated in the FFS which acts at various levels of the manufacturing cycle. Above all, this means super-sterilisation of the materials the pod is made up of by way of hydrogen peroxide misting; then, the entire pack forming, filling and sealing process takes place in a sterile environment, the only residue being - after heating - the water vapour.

The target market for this new giant is the American continent. The goal is to become the area’s first platform provider capable of making the most of the current revolution in the way drinks are consumed, not just at work but also at home. By coupling pod-type machines with purified natural water distributors consumers can, in fact, obtain a broad variety of hot, cold and CSD beverages (the new pod range offers up to 24 different flavours, with the new installed line offering an output potential of no less than 1 million pods a day).

Well equipped to grasp the opportunities offered by this revolution in the industry, Sacmi has, with this latest order, strengthened its strategic position on the American market even further - a result achieved thanks also to an impeccable reputation and already-acquired key customers.

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