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Label quality, brand quality

Major order placed by a leading French winery, a provider of fine wines since 1850. By purchasing the new LVS360 system this producer has ensured 100% quality control on both new machines and existing lines.

The degree of excellence provided by Sacmi-designed inspection systems - combined with the added possibility of installing such solutions on existing lines - allows full attainment of 'total quality control' targets in label production and application. A clear example of trust in that excellence takes the form of a recent investment by a prestigious French Château, which has been producing and bottling fine wines since 1850. Over the last decade and a half this winery has been implementing ambitious technological upgrades (from new caps to labels).

After supplying this French customer with a new labeller a few years ago, Sacmi has now installed an innovative LVS360 inspection system directly on the line. This performs ultra-precise control of proper label positioning and orientation. It can detect any type of defect, from macro errors (presence-absence, incorrect or mixed applications) to tiny faults such as small creases, bubbles, colour variations or printing errors.

The solution has proved so effective that the customer has already requested installation of the same system to upgrade existing lines. To meet this need Sacmi has supplied a new LVS360 stand-alone unit that operates downstream from the labeller where it provides fast, effective quality control.

The world's first company to equip its inspection systems with image acquisition units with resolutions of up to 5 megapixels (a system total of 20 MP, as 4 colour cameras are used), Sacmi guarantees checks on 100% of output. Such advanced technology minimises false rejects. It also lets producers perform real-time checks on the applied label type while (and this is crucial where there are frequent format changes) allowing real-time matching between applied labels and specific production lots, thus eliminating any risk of incorrect or mixed-up application.

Equipped with advanced hardware and software, the LVS360 reconstructs a 2D version of the 3D image captured by the cameras. It corrects any perspective-linked distortion and thus allows the user to identify even the smallest deviation from the label parameter settings. Moreover, the innovative CVS3000 inspection software (the same as that installed on all inspection systems designed by the Group's Automation & Inspection System Division) allows real-time monitoring of line performance via any device connected to the company network: it also provides valuable statistical reports on line operation, helping the customer maximise plant production performance.

More specifically, the supplied solution features optional modules that allow 'sensitive' data items typical of wine making (production date, vine species, alcohol content) to be read and checked on the applied label; furthermore, the modules can also read the barcode, the latter guaranteeing a perfect match between applied label and content. 


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