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MACFRUT: Sacmi inspection machines guarantee top-quality fruit

Cesena Italy - 4/6 May 2006) pad B, stand 191-192, from 397 to 401

Imola-based Sacmi offers non-destructive fruit control systems for producers who want to pick at “just the right moment” and for every other stage of the fruit and vegetable production process - from the tree to the supermarket shelf. Also on show at Cesena will be an automatic forming machine for fast, secure packaging – from Sacmi Packaging, of course.
The Sacmi range includes everything from hand-held units (NIR Gun) to portable units (NIR Case) and continues up to the line sorters (FQA-21, F5 and S5). These units assess all the classic quality definition parameters (brix, hardness) and some new ones too, such as dry substance, starch and pulp colour. In less than a second it is possible to obtain and save all the descriptive parameters of an individual fruit, thus providing a competitive response to the new needs imposed by large-scale retail organisations.Manageable and extremely light, Nir Gun is a hand-held device for field technicians, used to study the ripening curve as the fruit develops on the tree; it is also used by warehouse staff to check the condition of the fruit in storage.
The all-new Nir Case – so called because it is contained in a light, easy-to-carry case – has been designed to boost quality control performance in the field, in the warehouse, on the distribution platform and the sales outlet; high accuracy and very fast analysis allows the user to increase sampling of fruit lots and directly provides digital reports and statistics.
The FQA-21, instead, is an internal quality analysis module that can also be installed on existing sizing units in the packing house and can reach speeds of up to 10 f/s.
Already renowned on the market for their accuracy and reliability are the F5 and S5  sorting machines, available in two versions: the MSF, for fruits of small to medium size (pears, apples, peaches, nectarines, kiwis, mangos, papayas, citrus fruits and plums), and the LSF for larger fruits (melons, water melons and pineapples).
Sacmi Packaging will also be bringing a forming machine - for open-top trays and plateaux containers with upper restraint flaps and reinforced corners - to Macfrut.
The displayed machine, a TF40, will incorporate mechanical stacking and an automatic palletizer.
This cutting-edge unit can process a wide range of products by using a corrugated cardboard blank, which, introduced into the hopper, is shaped and glued. Size changeovers are completed extremely quickly, production rates of up to 40 trays/minute can be achieved and stacking of the formed trays is integrated into the machine structure.


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