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MTC 108 / 121 continuous mills

Two new continuos grinding solutions

The already-comprehensive range of SACMI continuous mills has been expanded even further with the addition of two new models, thus enhancing SACMI’s leadership in the ceramic body preparation field. The key features on these two new machines are: Effective volume: 108 m³ (MTC 108) / 126 m³ (MTC 121); Installed power: 800 kW, with DC or AC drive and frequency converter to ensure optimum speed settings whatever the production scenario; Spur gear drive transmission. The cylinder is made of special, high-thickness steel, while the bolted ends consist of extremely strong spheroidal cast iron. Continuous feed and outlet ports are incorporated in the support hubs. The cylinder has easy-open access hatches for inspection and maintenance purposes. The bases consist of steel strips and thick metal sheeting anchored to cement foundations, while the spheroidal cast iron supports are fitted with double-ring barrel-shaped rollers deliberately sized to provide long lasting performance. Throughout the design stage of these two machines much attention was paid to plant maintenance and management needs, especially as regards lubrication and systems designed to prevent infiltration of dirt into mechanical parts from the surrounding environment. SACMI was the first company in the world to introduce the classifying configuration on its mills. These have the liner lifters arranged in a spiral fashion with respect to the cylinder axis so that the larger grinding media are pushed towards the feed zone, thus obtaining a natural dimensional sub-division of the pebbles inside the mill. The MTC 108 and 121 models come in the classifying configuration, with the internal volume divided into one or two chambers: all slip feed and grinding media top-up tasks can be effected automatically to ensure excellent consistency of slip technological specifications. The MTC 121 has been designed to grind slips using silica pebbles (in the single-chamber version) or a silica / sintered alumina load (in the 2-chamber versions), while the MTC 108 is a mill that has been sized for optimal use of grinding loads consisting of sintered alumina only. The innovation of grinding media of high specific weight has, over the last few years, led to high productivity in the grinding of porcelained stoneware slips, which need to be ground very finely. Summing up, then, it can be stated that the new mills enjoy all the benefits of SACMI’s more than twenty years’ experience in continuous grinding and have been designed – as has the entire range – to meet the needs of even the most demanding users.

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