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Metal packaging quality control: the guarantee of MVS systems by Sacmi

Thanks to a sophisticated illuminator and high-resolution video cameras, this system allows for total quality control of numerous pack types, from lids to lugged caps and cans.

It’s called Chrometriq… and lies at the very heart of the new Sacmi vision system that, via a sophisticated image capture unit with high-definition (up to 5 Megapixels) colour cameras, lets manufacturers inspect and efficiently identify any type of defect on steel caps, cans and tinplate or aluminium can ends. This high performance metal packaging inspection solution is incorporated on the entire MVS (Metal Vision System, for the metal graphics industry) range. What makes the difference is the innovative lighting method that identifies the various differently-coloured areas before subsequent image capture by the video cameras. Because it provides such excellent contrast, this innovative illuminator allows identification of all potential defects.


This Sacmi vision system comes in three different versions, the choice of which depends on the type of container being inspected. The first, the MVS-E, is designed for inspection of the metal ends typically used in the food packaging industry (tuna, beans etc). This model can also be supplied with innovative ultraviolet lighting and the double-shot system that allows, in the space of a few milliseconds, the capture of both an initial RGB image and a second ultraviolet one; this allows for effective inspection of so-called “easy open” caps too (i.e. checking for correct application of the transparent lacquer in the incision on the outside of the cap, where any imperfections could give rise to oxidation and contamination of the canned product).


From metal lids, then, to lugged caps, generally used to protect products such as jams and pickles etc. This is where the MVS-T model comes into play, as it makes use of an infrared light that lets manufacturers check, among other things, lug dimensions; it also features specialised software to identify scratches, which could give rise to product contamination. Lastly, the MVS-C, designed for the inspection of cans, has a 2-camera system and 2 illuminators for complete inspection of the flange, can body and can bottom.


A pioneer of “total inspection”, Sacmi has gone even further: now, there is also the new MVS-360, a solution equipped with four colour video cameras that also ensure highly effective control of the entire outer wall of the pack - decoration, label and any scratches included. Each version in the MVS range can inspect up to 90,000 pieces/hour and check up to 4 output flows simultaneously (i.e. one system can handle quality control on 4 different production lines).


It should also be pointed out how the MVS system has specifically been designed for use on existing production lines and how the video cameras – with resolutions of up to 5 Megapixels – are equipped with specialised tools for the identification of scratches and the inspection of cans and can-ends of any size or shape (oval, rectangular, ¼ Club, etc). Featuring CVS3000 software, which has been developed entirely by the Sacmi R&D Center, MVS vision systems can be network-connected and managed remotely: it’s also possible to view data, performance and statistics via any PC, tablet or Smartphone linked to the corporate network. Standardisation of CVS3000 software also makes it easier to train workers: once they become familiar with it, they’ll be able to use any Sacmi-made vision system.


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