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Naturally…Eko Kiln

The new Sacmi single-layer kiln, greener and greener

Within H.E.R.O. project, aimed at energy management, Sacmi presents EKO – the new single-layer roller kiln equipped with self-recuperative burners. This is not merely an evolution of pre-existing single-layer kilns, but a real breakthrough, a pioneering machine setting the standard for a new generation of kilns. Cleared the past, story starts from here.

The new machine offers a number of advantages over traditional technology i.e.:
- fume/product heat exchange management,
- reduced volume of the extracted fumes conveyed to the filtering area,
- a kiln which can adjust its working length according to production volumes

The EKO kiln consists of a number of thermal modules called “heat cells”, in which the fumes exchange thermal energy with the material in an optimised manner compared to traditional kilns (transversal flow and increased fume hold time in the firing chamber).
Fume exhaust occurs from the cell itself, with part of the residual thermal energy being transferred to the ceramic exchanger located inside the burner which, in turn, reheats the combustion air to a highly efficient 700°C temperature. The exhaust fume average temperature is around 200-250°C.

Fume management is perhaps the most interesting characteristic of this machine.
EKO releases a reduced volume of fumes to the atmosphere – thus cutting down CO2 emissions per product unit. The calculated decrease in fume volume is by approximately 30% compared to traditional kilns.

The use of cells enables the firing curve profile to be better controlled while allowing stable pressures and temperatures to be maintained even when the volume of tiles in transit varies.
When production is reduced, EKO allows the kiln thermal profile to be redesigned to include a smaller number of thermal cells: the cells that are no longer required can therefore be deactivated. It is like having a variable-length kiln available. In this way, specific consumption is kept constant, even when the production volume decreases, with a resulting decrease in the kiln fuel requirements.

EKO is managed via a high-technology control system equipped with a touch-screen type double interface. The traditional temperature adjusters have been replaced by an innovative pressure and temperature curve management system ensuring process control.

Thanks to EKO Kiln, Sacmi is really “natural” because the proposed machine doesn’t just use less fuel, but cuts down CO2 emissions.


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