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New “Personal Tile” line: the Ricchetti Group chooses Sacmi

New series of large-size tiles - made with a modern Sacmi production line covering everything from pressing to drying, from digital decoration to firing – to be showcased at Cersaie 2014.

The underlying idea? A ‘flexible factory’, an innovative industrial manufacturing concept that combines output efficiency with sales effectiveness from product type, quality and service standpoints. The means? A completely new production line that has seen the Ricchetti Group – a company with over 50 years’ experience in the production and marketing of ceramic surfaces for architecture, interior design and building – focus on Sacmi solutions to complete a key investment decision that will allow the production of new sizes while boosting plant output capacity by 60% and the Group’s total capacity by 30%.

The ‘stars’ of the line are, first and foremost, two hydraulic presses from the Imola Series, a PH 10000 and a PH 7500. These provide pressing forces of 100,000 and 75,000 kN respectively, just perfect for the manufacture of very large tiles, with optimisation of consumption and fully guaranteed finished product quality. Sacmi is also supplying 2 horizontal 5-layer ECP 285/22.5 and ECP 285/19.7 dryers with a system that recovers heat from the new kiln, providing energy savings in the order of 106,000 cubic metres of gas per year (equal to 88 TOE, or tonnes of oil equivalent). A significant energy saving, then, that also means enhanced finished product quality thanks to devices that recover heat from the kiln without affecting the quality or repeatability of the drying or firing processes. The new kiln itself, a rapid single-layer roller-type EKO 295 some 140.7 metres long with a 2950 mm wide inlet, features PL7 EKO and PL7 APG self-recuperating burners and will save the Ricchetti Group a further 2 million cubic metres of natural gas per year plus 440,000 kWh of electricity (equal to 1744 TOE).

Completing this Sacmi-supplied order are a 120-metre long glazing line for very large tiles and a COLORA HD Black 1206/5 digital decoration station equipped with 5 colour bars that has a maximum printing rate of 48 metres per minute (width 1120 mm): the strong points of this solution range from a patented ink feed control system to software that ensures full cleanliness and protection of the entire printing area. With this investment decision (in which Sacmi has also provided logistics and handling solutions, such as the 100 roller storage racks and the 4 automatic laser-guided vehicles) the Ricchetti Group has expanded and completed its range to include products of highly innovative size and performance. The goal? To strengthen its market position and broaden its sales outlook, beginning with the stone and parquet-like sector, in all the main target countries, especially emerging ones in the Far East and South America.


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