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New AVB casting station comes on line at Universal

Successful start-up for new 8-mould AVB high pressure casting unit

Universal, a company based in Novosibirsk, Siberian Russia, has, as part of its output expansion plan, purchased and successfully started up a SACMI-developed integrated high pressure casting unit for open-rims WCs.

This battery type 8-mould AVB casting bench is completed by the manual de-moulding unit (with weight offsetting system).
This is the first such installation in a factory in this Asian region of Russia.
The integrated AVB unit derives from the ALS structure, a casting machine for 2-part moulds, and is a battery-arranged line that provides outstanding flexibility.
While designed to provide high output capacity on open-rim WC production lines with 4 or 5-part moulds, this unit can, nevertheless, also handle output mixes of WCs, washbasins and other models simultaneously.
Moreover, the version with robotized de-moulding can easily be incorporated into automated production lines.

This model was developed in Sacmi according to customer-provided specifications. The first mould was tested at the pilot plant installed in the Ceramic Research Centre at Sacmi Imola by using slip provided by the Russian company; the results were highly positive and allowed for rapid completion of development.

Universal belongs to a Group that, in addition to ceramics, also produces cast iron bathtubs, and while the internal market is important it exports a growing quota of output to the former Soviet countries.


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