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New Ceramika Marconi plant inaugurated (Poland)

Sacmi provides cutting-edge technology for the production of porcelain tiles

On 3rd June 2006 the all-new plant owned by Ceramika Marconi (member of the Polcolorit Group) was inaugurated. This facility allows high-quality porcelain tiles to be produced at a rate of 7,000 m2/day.

Despite last winter’s adverse weather conditions, the plant was completed quickly and is already fully operative, highlighting the keen managerial skills of the Polcolorit Group and the importance it gives to this investment.

That same attentiveness has also gone into choosing the machines, all Sacmi-supplied and technologically cutting–edge. A highly modern automatic raw material batching system ensures accurate control of every stage of the body preparation process. A high-capacity continuous mill (88,000 litres) and relative spray drier allow preparation of large quantities spray-dried powder, which can also be used to cover the requirements of existing Polcolorit plants.
Two latest-generation 3800-ton presses, complete with vertical drier, allow medium and large-size tiles to be produced.
And last but not least comes the 105-metre long FMS255 roller kiln, preceded by an 8.4-metre JMS255 pre-kiln, capable of output rates in the order of 7,000 m2/day.

Yet Sacmi hasn’t just focussed on the machines but also aimed to minimise their environmental impact: application of the most effective powder abatement and water recovery systems allows work to be carried out on a closed-cycle basis, thus preventing powder, sludge or waste water emissions as they are all fed back into the production cycle.

Through this investment the Polcolorit Group has underlined its long-standing trust in Sacmi and confirmed its status as one of the most active and dynamic enterprises on the Polish market.


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