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New IPS 400: Sacmi holds preview for specialised press and Italian partners

All-new IPS 400 preform press presented to an audience of specialised operators

A key milestone for the IPS (Injection Preform System) platform, this manufacturing solution that stands out on account of high reliability, high performance and user-friendliness: as of today, the already-successful IPS 220 – which has been on the market for 3 years, with dozens installed worldwide – will be joined by the new IPS 400, previewed at Imola before being shipped to major Italian converter Gardaplast. The machine was presented to key operators in the Italian industry and specialised journalists, all of whom were able to see the machine – equipped with a 96-cavity mould to make 11-gram preforms in a cycle time of just 6.2 seconds – up and running.

Developed by a team that included figures from the industry – persons particularly attentive to the product and process needs of the business - the new injection moulding machine stands out largely on account of the new preform unloading solution: preforms are dropped by the gripper plate directly into the containers, completely eliminating the need for belts and conveyors. Two linear motors move the take out plate with high speed and accuracy, allowing significant energy consumption reduction thanks to the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). Positioning of containers within the cooling area ensures preform unloading is done in a controlled environment, thus reducing the risk of contamination.

Equally innovative is the plasticizing unit, where the system that transfers the PET between extruder, shooting pot and mould is managed by a first-in-first-out circuit that prevents the plastic from staying too long in the circuit itself, which could affect the properties of the PET.

Another important characteristic, conceived during the IPS400 design process, is that existing moulds made by the competition can be installed without any retrofitting kit, thus ensuring customers maintain output flexibility.
So far, we’ve illustrated the changes with respect to its "younger sister", the IPS 220. However, customers will be pleased to learn that the outstanding ergonomics and ease of use features that were already as-standard on the previous range (e.g. the machine's ability to self-regulate simply by setting the preform size parameters on the user interface) remain unchanged. Like its predecessor, the IPS 400 has been designed to make parts such as valves, motor and circuits easily accessible in order to smooth maintenance tasks and minimise them.

Event participants were also able to observe smooth integration of the new IPS 400 with the PVS (preform vision system) quality control unit; designed and built by the Sacmi Group’s own Automation Division, the latter can inspect up to 50,000 preforms per hour and detect any deviation from pre-set quality parameters.

A decisive step in a long-term injection preform moulding technology development project, the market launch of the new IPS 400 has let Sacmi complete its product range and assume the role of ‘key partner’ for both bottlers and preform-making converters.
Once again, the Sacmi R&D facility – visited by event participants - has provided partners with a sound reference point. It provides an all-round consultancy service, covering everything from cap to preform, from bottle design to finished product testing. Right on the cutting edge of development, it works alongside customers and is certified by major international players in the beverage industry.



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