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New boost for the Benco Pack brand

The Piacenza-based company now fully incorporated into Sacmi Imola

A world-renowned brand, especially in the dairy business: this is Benco Pack, a specialist designer and builder of packaging machines that has now been fully “integrated” into the Sacmi Group. Based in Piacenza, Benco Pack has, thanks to the process of incorporation, been transformed from a small autonomous firm into a specific business line of the Sacmi Imola Closures & Containers division.

Recognised worldwide, the brand business name will still be retained by Sacmi Imola, as will the production plant in Piacenza, the firm’s historical base. Supervising the technical-organisation structure of Benco Pack will be Sacmi Impianti, while sales coordination and strategic product management will be incorporated into Sacmi Imola.

Benco Pack, internationally acclaimed because of outstanding standards of technology achieved in the aseptic packaging of long-life products, can now count on a renewed and even stronger product strategy thanks to technical services provided by Sacmi R&D and other Group companies; moreover, on the sales side Benco will be able to rely on Sacmi Imola’s far-reaching sales network, especially as regards overseas branches.

The fruits of this “integration” between Benco Pack and Sacmi Imola were already seen last October at K 2007 in Düsseldorf, when a production line - consisting of a mono-dose container forming machine and a fluid filling machine - was presented. This line, which represents an important step forwards for the form-fill world, will be made available on the dairy market under the Benco Pack brand name only.

Production, instead, will continue to take place at Parma-based Sacmi Filling in a new, recently inaugurated facility. This new plant is part of a transfer process begun back in 2006 that aims to achieve a more flexible production response to moments of peak market demand; a process will be also pursued in as synergic a way as possible within the various production facilities of other Group companies.


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