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New horizons for cold forging

Sacmi to participate in the sheet metal-working conference in Assago

“Lightness, high performance and cost containment in industrial sheet metal products”: this is the slogan for the second sheet metal-working congress to be held in Assago next 21st November. A field, that of sheet metal, in which Sacmi technology has lots to offer: the reason for this is the company’s extensive research into the cold forging of ductile products of complex geometry, the subject of a paper that will be presented at Assago during the convention.

Sacmi-made PHP presses can, in fact, “soft-shape” under any conditions, even the most demanding and variable: from structured surfaces to high-precision patterns or variable cross-sections obtained from wrought items of constant cross-section. Results, points out Sacmi, that are only obtainable via a smooth, controlled application of pressing force that allows optimal process management independently of the product’s geometric peculiarities. In this sense PHP presses treat the material with sensitivity by applying energy only where and when needed.

High “controlled” pressure is thus useful in numerous applications and will be presented to the public at Assago as one of the most precise, high-performance solutions for the production of metallic alloy items. Sacmi promises nothing less than to free various components and objects, currently made via hot forging or pressure die-casting, from the aesthetic and maintenance limits of such technologies by redesigning them as a function of cold forging. The range of Group presses employing this innovative technological standard is extensive: able to apply a pressing force of 7,200 tons, PHP presses complement the vast assortment of moulds and press accessories for the sheet metal forming and aluminium alloy deep forging sectors.

The Assago congress, now at its second edition, is organised by Tecniche Nuove Congressi and sponsored by Aitem and Ascomut in collaboration with the magazines Lamiera and Stampi. The programme of events at the Milanofiori Congress Centre will be both intense and far-reaching, including talks from specialist companies on cutting-edge technological innovations and their applicability to the various stages of the sheet metal-working process, from shaping and cutting to joining, welding and assembly. The extensive opportunities offered by simulation techniques and industrial research as a whole shall also be illustrated.


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