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NordCeram focuses on excellence and chooses CONTINUA+

Agreement for the supply of a new line to the Bremerhaven plant signed: the German firm has set out a plan for large-size tile success and decided to implement it with Made in Sacmi technological solutions.

A technology that provides unmatched aesthetic effects, independently of size or thickness, overcoming the production limits posed by traditional systems and maximising the scope for both personalisation and the creativity of the designer while opening up production to the full potential of digital decoration. These are the key characteristics of the Made in Sacmi CONTINUA+ line, chosen by German firm NordCeram as part of a key investment at the Bremerhaven plant on the North Sea coast.

Finalised in June, the aim of this supply agreement is to make the NordCeram brand more competitive than ever. Thanks to the new CONTINUA+ line, in fact, NordCeram can now extend its porcelain tile size range,  with the option of expanding it further in the future. Tile thickness ranges from 6 to 20 mm and tiles can be given a smooth or ‘structured’ relief surface.

NordCeram’s choice is the result of in-depth analysis of the best technologies currently available on the market. This assessment allowed the German firm to identify CONTINUA+ as the system that provides the most suitable response to its needs; one of the winning factors was flexibility, which lets the Sacmi solution respond quickly and effectively to changes in size and thickness with zero downtimes and so meet fluctuating market demand efficiently. Expected to be up and running in February 2015, the line will be equipped with cutting-edge power compaction control software, thus combining ultra-high performance with user-friendliness.

Synergy with the existing production line is also important: the powders used on the CONTINUA+ are, in fact, the same ones employed in ordinary pressing, thus allowing the unit to be renewed without affecting output. The new line will also be used together with the EKOROLL the finished product packaging system designed by NuovaFima (a brand by NuovaSima, the Sacmi Group company specialising in, among other things, the development of handling, quality control and end-of-line solutions). Key EKOROLL advantages include maximised cardboard savings and improved corner protection, a factor that can really make the difference, especially on products with high unit costs such as large slabs.

Sacmi shall also be supplying a 5-layer horizontal dryer, suitable for handling both large and structured tiles. To complete the picture, the currently installed kiln will be revamped to optimise firing curves and maximise surface decoration efficiency while minimizing electricity and gas consumption. An ambitious project, then, that is part of a wider renewal plan at the Bremerhaven plant. The latter, in fact, will allow NordCeram to reinforce its position at the high end of the market, also thanks to the multitude of decoration possibilities offered by the CONTINUA+ line and the innovative DDD dry digital decorator, which provide high quality products of outstanding added value and unparalleled material and structural effects.

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