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Nuova Fima EkoSort™ to be previewed at Tecnargilla

Efficient, compact, reliable: these are the characteristics of the innovative Nuova Fima sorting line to be presented at the international ceramic and heavy clay technology fair together with already-successful quality control and end-of-line systems

Nuova Fima is a Sacmi Group company specialised in the design and construction of end-of-line solutions – from automatic inspection, packaging and palletization to handling and storage – and the production of machines for mosaic, third fire and trims. At the coming international Tecnargilla fair, the form will be presenting the new Nuova Fima EkoSort sorting line. This new machine, which will be displayed at the fair as part of a complete yet compact manufacturing centre that executes everything from quality control to packaging, stands out on account of a simplified sorting system that can be configured directly via the software. Moreover, it can be used – thanks to special suction cups – whatever the tile size or thickness, with consequent minimization of size changeover times.

Now being presented for the very first time in Rimini, EkoSort also stands out on account of its excellent compactness, the result of a circular structure that makes full use of all the effectively available space and thus allows efficient handling of even the largest tiles. Thanks to conscientious machine design, another new feature is limitation of the drop shock undergone by tiles during stacking, with lower noise levels and reduced production line complexity. This had been achieved thanks to the innovative pick-up system which ensure that if a tiles “falls” it is placed gently on the underlying stack. Lastly, the machine has extremely limited maintenance requirements: on one hand, this has been achieved by reducing the number of parts subject to wear (e.g. by eliminating belts) and, on the other, by the circular turret geometry that provides easy access to all machine parts.

The fact that the new EkoSort will be presented at the fair as part of a complete production station is also important as the latter incorporates other Nuova Fima tile inspection, quality control, handling and packaging solutions. Upstream from the EkoSort, in fact, are the advanced Surface Inspection, Flawmaster and Processmaster vision systems, which represent, respectively, one of the most advanced systems on the market for inspection of the finished product (size and planarity included) and the latest evolution of the pre-firing fault detection concept that is so advantageous when managing new digitally decorated ceramic products. Completing the picture is the already-affirmed EkoRoll™ packager, which permits outstanding rationalisation of cardboard blank stocks by reducing them to simple rolls that are not bound to sizes or brands; this provides significant running cost savings, which can make a big difference when it comes to competitiveness.



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