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PET industry to meet up at Sapet 2016

Pivotal to the Latin American market, this event will see Sacmi showcase the IPS (injection preform moulding) project, a PET manufacturing platform that combines productivity, flexibility and low energy consumption

Which markets have the greatest development potential on a continent characterised by extremely high PET consumption in the packaging industry? And which technologies are the most interesting when it comes to making PET processing sustainable from both an economic and environmental standpoint? Answers to these questions and others will soon be forthcoming at the international Sapet (South America PET Markets, Applications & Recycling) meeting, to be held in the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires on 14th and 15th June 2016 (Hotel Melià).

An event speaker and associate sponsor, the Sacmi Group will be taking advantage of the occasion to illustrate the latest developments on the preform manufacturing injection technology front, namely the IPS (injection preform moulding) system: since 2015 this has been available in 96 and 128-cavity (IPS 400) versions to ensure even more efficient performance vis-à-vis PET quality, process automation and energy savings. The Sacmi presentation – by Moraldo Masi, Business & Sales Manager of the Group’s Beverage Division – will be given on the first day of work (at 11:35), completing a morning dedicated to analysis of the global PET market, especially as regards South American trends.

Key advantages offered by the Sacmi solution include ultra-low energy consumption - just 0.2 kW/kg at maximum plasticizing capacity (1,225 kg/h) - thanks also to the as-standard K.E.R.S system on the take-out plate linear motor (post-cooler). Another key design feature that forms the basis of the new range is the platform’s compatibility with most of the moulds on the market; here, the ambitious goal is to make the IPS an ‘open source’ platform capable of meeting a vast range of production and investment needs.

Present in South America for years with its own manufacturing facilities and beverage & packaging branches – from Sacmi do Brasil to Sacmi Impianti Argentina, founded back in 1980 and equipped to serve all adjoining markets from Peru and Chile to Uruguay and Bolivia – Sacmi aims to use IPS technology to compete with the best solutions on the market on the efficiency and ROI fronts. In this regard, in fact, considerable added value is provided by PVS preform vision systems for high speed lab or line inspection; these use ultra-high resolution image acquisition and advanced software to ensure error-free identification of every possible product defect. Yet another solution, then, to bring the customer into the ‘total quality’ era.

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