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PLAST 2003 May 6th through 10th, Milan Fairgrounds

Sacmi Group will be happy to welcome you to its stand in Hall number 11

On behalf of the whole Sacmi Group I would like to personally invite you to attend: PLAST 2003 May 6th through 10th Milan Fairgrounds where Sacmi Imola, Negri Bossi, Oima, BM Biraghi and Benco Pack will be presenting their latest innovations in the field of plastic material compression and injection moulding and thermoforming technologies. The whole Sacmi Group will be happy to welcome you to its stand in Hall number 11. To receive a free entry ticket to the exhibition, please call the telephone number 0542 607595 or contact us by e-mail: ; we will make sure that our invitation ticket is promptly sent to you. Please be also informed that access to the exhibition is free of charge if you pre-register by logging on to the web site, which also contains complete information about the event. We look forward to meeting you at the show. Presentation Preview: SACMI Imola a leader in the field of plastic material compression technology, is presenting: -a complete line for the production of Ø28 mm polypropylene lined plastic caps for soft drinks, consisting of a 64-cavity compression press (with vision system to ensure in-line quality control), a tamper proof band folding machine and slitting machine. Line output: 1,200 caps per minute -a liner moulding machine equipped with dual in-line quality control system (via a tightness control “vacuum” system and a vision system ) able to turn out 1,200 pieces per minute -a 32-cavity compression press for the production of d 28 mm polypropylene plastic caps (600 caps per minute), equipped with a vision system for in-line quality control -a new design 48-cavity die for the production of PET preforms. Sacmi Imola intends to become especially committed to the development of innovating technical solutions in this sector. NEGRI BOSSI, the Italian injection technology leader, is presenting a complete range of fully electric machines: a)ELMA VE 90 will produce a POM technical item with an 8-mould Cosma die, expected work cycle duration: 15 sec b)ELMA VE 120 will produce 3 ml PE syringe pistons made from PE with a 24-mould Schottli die, expected work cycle duration: 8 sec c)ELMA VE 160 will produce TIC-TAC cases made from PP with a 24-mould Ghilardi die, expected work cycle duration: 5 sec d)ELMA VE 210 will produce PS stirrers with a 48+48 mould Tresing Stampi die, expected work cycle duration: 5.5 sec e)ELMA VE 300 will produce PE cartridges for silicone with an 8-mould Bdl die, expected work cycle duration: 12 sec f)ELMA VE 850 will produce a PP container, expected work cycle: 25 sec; ejection to be carried out by a FLASH S 300 robot. All the above machines apply highly innovating solutions that we will be happy to show and explain to you personally at the show. A VECTOR V 700 machine will also be demonstrated in its CANbus version equipped with a FLASH robot. Our VECTOR V 700 will produce a round PP tub at the end of an expected work cycle of 40 sec. Ejection will be carried out by a FLASH S 300 robot. OIMA, a company well-known for being especially committed to supplying customised solutions, will present: -a new 165 ton SX series press including the latest control and hydraulic system innovations to guarantee high repeatability, reliability and competitiveness. -a 360 ton SX series press equipped with a variable displacement twin pump (with electronic pressure and flow rate control). This is a CAN bus system with remote modular and machine-configurable I/O, with all options available in line, integrated robot control and remote se

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