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Packaging: Benco Pack leads the way

Innovative Sacmi Group business unit presses ahead with major installations

This coming 2009 looks promising for Benco Pack, the Sacmi Group business unit specialised in Form-Fill-Seal technology. Right now, a new packaging line equipped with the Isa sleeve label application device is being delivered to one of the global industry’s biggest companies, based in the USA.

Intended for this American company’s Columbian and Venezuelan production plants, this just-delivered packaging line is the result of an ambitious Benco Pack project aimed at providing a finely-tuned, complete line that features not just sleeve application – developed by Sacmi Labelling – but also re-usable cap application, in-line weight control and vision systems for correct positioning of both label and caps, with automatic rejection of containers that fail to meet quality standards.

So it is no surprise that the customer decided to go with Benco Pack. That decision was formalised after a two-year study aimed at identifying the best possible market-available technology in terms of reliability and innovation, a combination that the Sacmi Group has successfully supplied yet again via the Benco Pack division: the customer has been provided with outstandingly innovative technology that, among other things, offers significant packaging material savings thanks to the in-line form-fill-label process.

As of today, in fact, the customer will no longer have to rely on external suppliers for preformed plastic containers, nor be forced to transfer them from empty container storage to the labelling line and then the filling and closure lines. Thanks to Benco Pack it will now be possible to manage – all on just one line – 10,000 polypropylene 250 / 500-gram containers per hour, all labelled and sealed with cap and quality controlled.

It should be pointed out that this has been a major team effort by the entire Sacmi Imola Closures&Containers Division (of which Benco Pack is a part), Sacmi Labelling and the Sacmi Imola Automation&Inspection Systems Division. The result is a tailor-made plant that fully satisfies all customer expectations. Such innovation is, moreover, because of its extensive application range, likely to lead to further business opportunities, especially in the milk and cheese industries.


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