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Panariagroup focuses on Continua technology

Production line to be integrated with Sacmi’s innovative dry digital decoration system

An emblematic example of how to stay competitive by making use of top-grade innovation. And a clear-cut case of smooth industrial synergy, with the two companies working in close collaboration during the design of the line so as to obtain “made-to-measure” solutions for specific production requirements.

The customer in question is Panariagroup, quoted on the stock exchange and headed by Giuliano Mussini; this company has begun installation of the all-new Sacmi Continua line at the Toano plant in Reggio Emilia. The jewel in the Sacmi Imola crown, Continua technology allows producers to make a wide range of products - from technical and glazed ceramic to the most innovative of items - efficiently and to the highest quality standards.

The conveyor carries the bed of spray-dried material through the PCR compactor; this consists of two opposing belts that form a continuous compacted strip of excellent density and mechanical strength, similar to that of pre-compacted tiles but with the further advantage of allowing a high degree of product personalisation in terms of both size and design. Other key plant features include automatic waste control (the process waste is automatically fed back into the system for reutilisation) and the possibility of hosting cutting-edge decorating systems.

The line installed by Panariagroup will be the first in the world to be integrated with the DDD 160, the Sacmi dry digital decoration machine presented at the last edition of Tecnargilla. This revolutionary system allows producers to combine the advantages of traditional decoration – such as practicality and the outstanding colour development of traditional pigments –with the benefits of digital decoration, such as enhanced definition and better graphics.

Panaria’s investment includes several important medium-term development projects; these concern the production of new types of ceramic tile that have better soundproofing and strength than those currently available on the market.
Once again, this latest installation highlights Panaria’s solid trust in Sacmi technology. In the past Panaria has already distinguished itself as the purchaser of the first two Twin Press lines, the first ultra-wide kiln and the first MMC modular mill. Now, together with Panaria, Sacmi is developing cost cutting and energy efficiency projects to enhance competitiveness even further.


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